A Guide to Borewell’s Common Problems and Solutions

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The borewell serves to be one of the most common sources of water in urban areas. As you build your dream home, the availability of water is one of the most important concerns you should look into. The entire process of ensuring water supply will depend on the availability of water sources in the area. In this aspect, constructing or drilling a new borewell can help.  


During the process of drilling a new borewell, landowners can experience some common problems. It is important to understand them and get relevant solutions for the same to ensure seamless flow of water for day-to-day use. 



What is a Borewell?


Borewells are one of the most major aspects to consider before constructing any site or planting any crop. It is because water is the most precious resource available out there. 


Borewells are wells that are dug deep into the ground to reach water-bearing rock or soil layers. These are known as aquifers. Borewells are typically responsible for drawing water from deeper confined aquifers -featuring rock layers several feet below the surface of the ground, wherein water is trapped under pressure between the rocks and their cracks. These aquifers develop over the course of several years -even centuries in some cases. These are formed by water that percolates down towards the rock layers. 


Earlier, we did not draw water from so deep underground with the help of borewells. As a matter of fact, until some decades ago, open wells were quite common across all regions of the country. These used to serve as the primary sources of water for day-to-day use. It was only in the year 1970 that the technology of borewell came into our country. UNICEF brought the concept of borewell to the country to help with its water shortage.  



Common Problems and Solutions of Borewell


During the construction and installation of borewell water, landowners can experience some common borewell water problems. When not taken care of, these problems at the beginning could lead to major problems in the long run.  


It is important to initially identify the cause of borewell problems before you perform any work on the same. Rehabilitation works that are not aimed at targeting the main cause of the problem will only waste a lot of time and money.  


Some of the common categories for problems related to borewells are: 



#Condition of the Resources


A reduction in water level can take place in conditions of drought. It could also happen when there is an excessive demand on the natural aquifer system. Due to this, the overall yield of the borewell might decrease with time.  


The standing water level is a great indicator of the overall performance of the aquifer. When the standing water level is lower than the standard levels, there will be less water to pump. As a result, water supply will decrease.  


A reduction in the individual yields of a borewell will take place when there are several borewells reaching out to the aquifer or when surrounded borewells are also getting pumped. In this case, standing water level might be normal. However, the overall water supply will get diminished. It turns out  to be a major problem with the bore or pump. 


#Physical Condition of the Borewell


Damaged or deteriorating borewells can also lead to major problems. The water flow of a borewell can be stopped or reduced in the following cases: 

  • When the screens or casing of the borewell experiences corrosion. In turn, this allows the entry and accumulation of different types of sediments. 
  • Bacterial slime or chemical deposits can also clog slots or screens 
  • Clay deposits tend to build up adjacent to slots or screens 
  • A slot or screen that has been designed poorly will also cause finer materials to enter the borewell 

In addition to this, corrosion of the casing part will permit the entry of water that is poorly-filtered from higher, untapped aquifers directly into the borewell. 


#The Condition of the Pumping Equipment of the Borewell


As problems related to water supply take place, it is recommended to check the borewell’s pumping equipment as well. You can start by ensuring that the delivery system, motor, and pump of the borewell unit are functioning effectively. 


The impellers of the borewell’s pump can wear down with continuous use. At the same time, the inlets might get blocked and the pump casings might develop holes. All of these factors could lead to no or reduced supply of water.  


To resolve the same, it is recommended to inspect that the pump capacity of the new borewell should not exceed the bore’s yield.  


Additional Problems of Borewell and Their Solutions


It is imperative for you to determine the most likely root cause of the borewell-specific problem. Still, it is always recommended to seek experienced and professional assistance before you undertake any major corrective measure. 

  1. Complete Failure of Water Supply: Some of the causing factors are blocked water entry to the borewell, a malfunctioning pump, collapsed borewell, dewatered borewell, or low water levels. Some of the possible solutions to the problem are: 
  • Replacing or repairing the pump 
  • Re-development of bores or their treatment with chemicals 
  • Replacing bore 
  • Drilling or relocating bore holes to deeper aquifers 
  • Cleaning and re-casing of the bore 


       2.Reduced Supply of Water: Some of tis underlying factors could be interference of surrounding borewells, silted-up borewell, a pump  malfunctioning, or manganese/iron bacteria. Some of the potential solutions are:

  • Reduction of the pumping rate 
  • Replacing or repairing the pump 
  • Bores to be treated with disinfectants or chemicals 
  • Redeveloping and cleaning up the borehole 




It is important to understand the most common problems associated with a borewell on grounds of a small scale and a large scale of point of view. At the same time, it is also recommended to reach out to professional help while dealing with borewells. A professional like Topline Industries comes forth with a comprehensive range of top-quality borewell pipes and other agriculture pipes to deliver optimum yields. 


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