Overhead Water Tanks

Secure Drinking Water with Secure Water Tanks

Topline Industries is a pioneering manufacturer and supplier of top-quality overhead water tanks for storing water in the most secure and hygienic manner. Our revolutionary overhead tanks are available in unique models to fulfill your water requirements. We feature both double-layered as well as triple-layered overhead water storage tanks to improve the quality of water naturally. Our overhead plastic water tanks leverage the technology of state-of-the-art German machines with the help of 100% virgin polymer that is FDA-approved.


  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective
  • Temperature resistance
  • Double layered, triple layered
  • Food grade material with FDA approval
  • Attractive appearance

You can browse through our range of top-grade overhead water tanks for home -including Roto water tanks, Insulated water tanks, Blow Mould water tanks, and water tanks of different capacities.

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Best Overhead Water Tank Manufacturer in India

Topline Industries is a top-tier overhead water tank manufacturer in India offering access to a comprehensive range of water storage solutions for every household. With our several years of unmatched quality, trust, consumer-friendly designs, and cutting-edge technology, our UV-stable water storage tanks have a track record of unmatched excellence. All of these factors have made Topline Industries as the best overhead water tank manufacturer and supplier in India.

Our loft tanks, overhead water storage tanks, and underground water tanks are designed as well as manufactured by keeping in mind the ever-changing consumer demands and the pressing industry needs. Topline Industries is a premium brand in the category of world-class overhead water storage tanks -precisely the best water tank company in the country.

Check Our Impressive Overhead Water Tanks in India at Topline Industries

At Topline Industries, our bespoke water storage solutions boast the highest level of water quality and unparalleled hygiene at affordable rates. Our brand brings forth unmatched innovation with its impressive series of revolutionary water storage tanks for every household.

  1. Overhead Water Tanks: All Topline Industries overhead tanks are designed by keeping in mind the needs of different applications -residential, commercial, and even industrial. Our innovative overhead water storage tanks feature a wide variety in terms of types and capacities. Our premium-grade water storage tanks also vary depending on features, sizes, capacities, and colors.

  2. Every overhead water tank at Topline Industries goes through strict quality controls -making every model more rigid and stronger to help households with their day-to-day water usage requirements. At Topline Industries, our overhead water tanks are also available in different sizes -starting from 625 Litres to 2,000 litres.

  3. Roto Water Tanks: You can expect world-class quality and superior durability with Roto water tanks. The product range by Topline Industries is available in 3 & 4 layer water tanks along with 4, 5, and 7 foam layer tanks. The surface of the water tanks is coated with ultra-titanium -reflecting more than 90 percent of sunlight falling on its surface.
  4. The insulation material of the water tank does not allow the heat from the outside environment to enter the water being stored in the tank. There is also the presence of a cooling lid that will exhaust water vapors forming inside the tank.
  5. Insulated Water Tanks: Insulated water tanks by Topline Industries are renowned for their unique anti-microbial features. Therefore, these tanks will ensure that your water is healthy and cooler throughout. The surface of the tank has the ultra-titanium coating. Therefore, it does not absorb sunlight into its surface.
  6. The insulation material of the water tank prevents the heat from outside to enter the tank. Some additional features of the insulated water tank are anti-oxidant, heat reflector, UV reflector, and so more.

Why Choose Topline Industries for Overhead Water Tanks?

Topline Industries is a pioneering name in the industry of the best overhead water tanks in India. With several years of relevant expertise in the industry, we have garnered the reputation of being a leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality water tanks in India. We continuously focus on the ever-growing needs and expectations of Indian households with respect to acquiring clean and safe water at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Overhead water tanks are water storage tanks that are placed on the top of the house at a specific height. The tank is made out of different materials to deliver different applications.

The price of the overhead water tank might vary depending on several factors -the material used, its capacity, any special features, and so more. With Topline Industries, you can be assured of an affordable range of water storage tanks to suit your budget expectations.

Once the tank has been drained, you can clean the water tank with the help of a soap and plain water. It will help you get rid of all dirt, fungus, algae, and stains. If you are not sure of the process, you can hire professionals to carry out the cleaning task.

The capacity of overhead water tanks will vary. It can start anywhere from 650 litres while going up to 2,000 liters.

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