Topline Column pipes have been specially designed and are manufactured under stringent quality checks. They are tested to withstand system load comprising the weight of the pump, water and pipes with an adequate factor of safety. Due to unique designs of squares threads, they can withstand considerable shock and jerk load during operation. Topline Column pipes offer many advantages hence emerge as the best option for conventional metal pipes. Pipes are available in 3 m length with square threads fitted with rubber sealing rings at male threaded end. These pipes are available in different sizes and load classes for varying needs based on installation depths of up to 450 m (1500 ft).


Topline Column Pipes are available in sizes from 1 inch (25mm) to 2 1/2 inch (63 mm) ID & in standard 3 metre lengths. They are categorized under three categories: light (up to 100 ft), Medium (100 ft to 200 ft) & Heavy (200 to 350 ft) depending upon their depth of lowering.

Dark Gray
  • Suitable for lifting water using submersible pumps in Bore well/Tube well sector
  • Light in weight enabling easy & economical transportation
  • Non reactive with acidic or alkaline water & has a long life inside the borewell
  • Specially imported additives are used for higher strength and long trouble free service life
  • High strength to withstand the system load including the pipe weight & the water
  • Specially designed threads, crafted on specialised CNC machine provides excellent load bearing capacity

Water Tanks

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When a homeowner has an underground water situation, they will want to make sure that their water pipe system is designed to handle the flow of water coming out of the ground. Using column pipes for lifting water is highly durable and does not warp or stretch during normal use. These pipes are usually long to collect water from the ground. There are various types of submersible pumps capable of lifting water using these pipes. The pipes must have a high tensile strength to withstand high pressure at their working location.


Why Topline for Column Pipes 

In Topline Industries, the upvc column pipe is manufactured using premium grade materials that are ecologically friendly. The manufacturing process is also verified through the necessary regulatory formalities before the product is available for retail sale. They are selected for their ability to support the system's weight without extensive bending or stress on the pipes. The pipes are designed so that they can withstand any shocks in operating conditions. These pipes have factory inbuilt square threading with rubber sealing rings fitted at the male threaded portion. This threading helps in giving a firm grip on the pipes attached to the submersible pump, which is under very high pressure. Threads help in avoiding slippage from the pump connection.  


Standards & Specifications - PVC Column Pipes 

Standards - Sch 80 As Per Astm D-2467 

Specifications – Sizes - inch (25mm) to 2 1/2-inch (63 mm) ID 

They are, on average, 3m long. 

They are available in dark gray color.  

Installation depth feet   

  1. Light pipe up to 100 feet 

  2. Medium pipe from 100 feet to 200 feet 

  3. Heavy pipe from 200 feet to 350 feet 


  Benefits of UPVC Column Pipes 

  1. Column pipes are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for easy and affordable transportation. 

  2. They are not affected by acidic water, alkaline water, or other water conditions. This makes them a great way to increase productivity, reduce expenses and improve operational efficiency. 

  3. High strength and long-lasting life are ensured by using specially imported additives. These additives enhance the strength and reduce the maintenance cost of pipes.  

  4. UPVC Pipes are known for their high strength to withstand high pressure & low flexural rigidity. 

  5. The best part about these pipes is the threaded connection. 


  1.  What is a column pipe? - UPVC Column Pipes are the preferred choice for drainage and sewerage applications. They are corrosion-resistant, weather-proof, flexible, and easy to install. UPVC Column Pipes are most commonly used for adaptability, strength, and durability. The easy installation and maintenance of pvc column pipes also make them highly popular among home and industry owners. 
  2. Where are column pipes used? - UPVC column pipe accessories are widely used for underground piping as it does not rust and does not require frequent maintenance. It is a common form of pipe within the borewell structure as it allows water to be drawn from the ground quickly and efficiently. 
  3. What is uPVC column pipe? - Column pipes are the pipes on top of a water main that carries water to a water pump. They are there to provide a water supply to your home and business. These upvc column pipes for submersible pumps carry water from a water source to the pump. Submersible pumps use upvc pipes to convey water from one location to another. 
  4. Which pipe is the best for Borewell? - Topline brand pipes are the best on the market. Topline is the largest column pipe manufacturer in India. We provide premium quality pipes throughout India. You can buy the top-grade column pipes from Topline, one of the best column pipe manufacturers India. 


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