First time in the world insulated water tank which keeps healthy and 10 degree cooler

Dark Gray
  • Tank’s surface is coated with ultra-titanium, which reflects more than 90% of sunlight falling on its surface.
  • The insulation material in the tank does not allow the heat from outside to pass into the water stored.
  • The cooling lid exhausts the water vapour formed inside the tank.
  • UV Reflector
  • Heat Reflector
  • Ultra-titanium
  • Insulation Material
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Nano Carbon Flexibility
  • Anti-microbial
  • Food Grade

Water Tanks

insulated water tank

Insulated Water Tank

Available in

1000ltr | 2000ltr 


Anti-Microbial | Food Grade | Anti-Oxidant | UV-Protection

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The materials used to make the insulated water tanks play a crucial role in determining their quality. Polyethylene foam insulation works well for keeping water temperatures at a comfortable level for an extended period. The water inside the insulated tank also benefits from these insulation properties, being less likely to freeze. The bonus of these insulation layers is that they also act as a water repellent barrier, keeping the water in the insulated water tanks warmer than normal. The tank will maintain this temperature because of the low air temperature outside and the high-water temperature inside the tank. Redundant insulation layers can be added to the tank to increase the overall resistance to heat.    


Product Specification - Insulated Water Tanks 

Insulated Water Tanks are available in 2000ltr and 1000ltr. They come in blue, yellow, dark gray and white colour.   


Product Details - Insulated Water Tanks 

  1. The ultra-titanium coating is non-porous, corrosion-resistant, and does not absorb water. Hence, it does not affect the taste or the odor of the water. It has been found that water tanks with a surface treated with titanium have a much higher resiliency than uncoated tanks. This means that water stored in an insulated water tank has a much higher resistance to temperature changes than in a similarly sized water tank. 
  2. For keeping the water at normal temperature, the tank is insulated. The water does not evaporate as rapidly as plain water, which results in a fresh and cooling feeling when drinking. You can place the insulated water tank outside during the winter when the temperature drops and the water is at its coldest.  
  3. Even though the water vapours condense to form liquid water on surfaces, they can be expelled by opening the cooling lid of the tank. This is to prevent the condensation process from occurring inside the tank. This process is called dehydration. To avoid dehydration, the tank must be ventilated. 


Features & Benefits - Insulated Water Tanks 

  1. UV reflectors prevent any worries about the heat from the sun coming in. 
  2. The anti-microbial water treatment system in insulated water tanks removes impurities and odors in the water. 
  3. Since bacteria and viruses can grow at low densities in water, tanks have nano carbon flexibility, which can be used to reduce the number of these microorganisms in the water. Therefore, water filtration can be used to provide a source of purified water to consumers. 
  4. These water tanks are made of food-grade materials and are certified against corrosive elements. 
  5. These tanks require very little maintenance and are easy to clean. 



  1. What are insulated water tanks? - Insulated water tanks are also fireproof and resistant to shock. These thermal insulated water tanks are typically made from high-density polyethylene or other high-toughness polymers. To make these water storage tanks weather-proof, they are coated with a protective anti-scratch coating. Besides being resistant to water and shock, these water storage tanks are also resistant to heat and cold.  
  2. Should cold water tanks be insulated? Yes. Laying an insulating material such as polyethylene over the top of insulated water storage tanks will prevent it from freezing. Once the temperature drops and outside elements enter your home, your cold-water tank will still be protected from the elements as long as it’s insulated. 
  3. Which insulated water tank brand is best? If you plan to buy insulated plastic tanks for your use, you can blindly rely on Topline Industries. We are a people-driven organization with a passion for innovation and quality. We are driven by integrity and value people-based business practices. We believe in continuous learning and actively working towards understanding and improving our processes to ensure that they are as efficient as possible.  
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