Topline Polyethylene pipes are a safe, long lasting & cost effective solution for potable water supply, irrigation & bore well application. Topline HDPE Pipes are manufactured from virgin raw materials with the help of state of the art manufacturing facilities. Stringent tests on raw material & finished goods ensure the quality as per national & international standards. Topline strongly believes in providing quality products & services to all their valuable customers.

Product Range and Standards

20mm to 250mm PE 63,80,100 grades as per IS:4984 in 2.5 to 16 kgf/cm pressure class.

FITTINGS : All the compatible fittings are made available in handmade form to cater all system requirements.

Dark Gray
  • Potable water mains, house connections & column pipes for submersible pumps
  • Irrigation & agriculture, Sprinkler & drip irrigation
  • Underground drainage & sewerage, coal handling in mines & Industrial applications
  • High impact resistant
  • Resistant to low temperature
  • Easy, quick & economical installation
  • Long service life
  • Excellent chemical & abrasion resistance
  • Excellent UV & corrosion resistance
  • Excellent water hammer resistance
  • Ideal in shifting soil conditions & earthquake prone areas

Water Tanks

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High pressure pipelines are usually made of steel, thus making it necessary to upgrade the pipeline with a corrosion-resistant coating. HDPE pipelines offer several advantages. The pipelines are perfect for both the water and agricultural sectors. HDPE pipelines can be easily fabricated at a fraction of the cost of comparable steel pipelines. The hdpe pipe is high temperatures and pressure resistant. This makes them a perfect option for cryogenic applications. These pipes commonly transport liquid or solid chemicals or other flammable liquids. The high density of polyethylene makes it considerably stronger than other common pipe materials. The hdpe fittings are used for joining different pipes together. Commonly used fittings are flange fittings, end cap fittings, reducer, Tee, etc. 


Why Topline HDPE Pipes & Fittings 

 Topline Pipes is one of India's fastest growing hdpe pipe manufacturer in india, with a strong presence in key market segments. Topline HDPE Pipes are mainly used for water supply, irrigation, and sewerage purposes. Topline HDPE Pipes are manufactured from virgin raw materials with the help of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Stringent tests on raw material & finished goods ensure quality per national & international standards. Raw materials are selected based on their quality & suitability for manufacture. Moreover, Topline HDPE Pipes are highly durable, weather-resistant, chemical & corrosion-resistant. 


Standards & Specifications- HDPE Pipes & Fittings 

Standards –IS:4984, Sch 80 As Per Astm D-2467  

Specifications- Sizes/Diameter (Pipes) - 20mm to 250mm, Pressure - 2.5 to 16 kgf/cm pressure class, PE 63,80,100 

Fittings - Sizes/Diameter - 40mm | 50mm | 63mm | 75mm | 90mm | 110mm.  

The hdpe compression fittings that are compatible with the system requirements are available. 

They come in a dark gray colour. 


Benefits of HDPE Pipes & Fittings 

  1. HDPE pipes are very durable. They are flexible and do not stretch when exposed to water. The pipe is installed in a simple way. 

  1. They can withstand high pressures without significantly compromising their integrity. These pipes are used in areas with high risks, such as oil and gas fields.  

  1. The resistance to low temperatures allows water to be stored in a pipe for long periods without freezing. 

  1. This property of HDPE pipes makes it one of the best water hammer resistance pipes. If you have a property with a lot of water hammer impact, you can rest assured that the HDPE pipe system will prevent the water from damaging the facade. 

  1. HDPE Pipes are highly resistant to sunlight. This is one of the major benefits of using HDPE Pipes for water distribution systems. 

  1. Replacing a damaged or cracked HDPE Pipe is very easy. The pipes can be repaired with basic tools and specialized plumbing knowledge. This makes HDPE Pipes a great choice for outdoor water distribution systems. 

  1. HDPE pipes are also earthquake-resistant, which makes them an ideal pipe material for shifting soil conditions during a strong earthquake. 

  1. HDPE pipe fittings are highly durable with long service life and are used for transferring thermal energies. The pipe fittings make up a series of insulated joints to move thermal energy from one place to another. 



What are HDPE pipe fittings? - Well, they're a flexible connection. You may have seen hdpe water pipe on a very common day to day basis. They're often used to connect water pipes. They are special pipe connections in water, sewer, and drain lines. They are made to match water flow and ensure efficient drainage. HDPE pipe fittings have a much higher tensile strength than other pipe materials, so they can be used where other materials would cause damage to the pipe. They are also corrosion resistant and ideal for environments where waterborne contamination is a concern.Topline Industries are one of the best hdpe pipe supplier in India.  

 Where is HDPE pipe used? - HDPE pipe is used for various industries. Some common uses for HDPE pipes are water transmission, water storage, and irrigation. We,Topline Industries, are the foremost hdpe fittings manufacturer in India which is growing at a very fast pace. 

 What are the advantages of HDPE pipes? 

  1. They are flexible, durable and corrosion-resistant. 

  1. HDPE pipes are manufactured with excellent quality and safety features to ensure a long lifespan and reliability.  

  1. The flexibility of HDPE pipes also makes them perfect for systems with small water volumes. 

  1. You can also install them in your new home - no pipes to lay; connect your new home with an existing water line. 


 Is HDPE plastic? - It is a high-temperature and pressure-resistant plastic used for various applications such as piping, tanks, covers, roofs, and gazebos. Topline is the pioneer hdpe fittings supplier in India. 

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