2000 litre Water Tanks


  • Anti microbial & food grade materials are an important feature of 4 layers 2000L water tank. Anti microbial & food-grade materials prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi in water storage tanks. Bacteria feed on organic matter in water and can cause disease and affect the taste, smell, and appearance. Fungi can grow on surfaces exposed to water, and they can cause health problems, including skin rashes and itching. Food grade materials protect against bacteria and fungi because they have been tested to be safe for human use.
  • Carbon protection is an important feature of 4 layers 2000 litre Water Tank. Several things can cause carbon build-up in a water tank, including heat, humidity, and corrosion. Carbon can also be introduced into a water tank by using chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines. This can lead to elevated levels of carbon, which requires additional care to remove from the water. By adding an anti-carbon filter to your 4 layer 2000 litre Water Tank, you can ensure that you keep your water supply pure and healthy for you and your family to drink.
  • Antioxidant feature of 4 layers 2000 litre Water Tank is a vital feature to consider when purchasing a water tank. Without antioxidants, the water in your tank will quickly turn rancid, and you risk exposing yourself to harmful bacteria and toxins. Antioxidants can help protect the inside of your water tank from these contaminants by combating their effects on the water molecules themselves.
  • A water tank with a UV protection feature is important to look for when buying a water tank. This protects the surface of the water tank from discolouration, spotting, and staining caused by UV rays. This means that you can keep your water tank looking clean, fresh, and new for a long time. A UV protection feature also helps keep the water tank's contents cool. This means that your stored drinking water will stay at the optimal temperature and won't become too hot or cold.
  • Weatherproof feature is an important feature of 4 layers 2000 litre Water Tank as it keeps the water in the tank safe from any harmful effects. If you are storing your water tank in your garage, shed, or another damp environment, it can be damaged by harsh weather conditions like frost or snowfall. Keeping this in mind, you should invest in a weatherproof water tank.

  • 4 layer 2000 litre Water Tank Price and Capacity
    Topline Industries is a reliable brand that provides the best quality water tanks at affordable prices. 4 layers 2000 litre Water Tank Price of Topline Industries is between 16000rs -34,000rs, which is much cheaper than other brands.

The Topline cool range 4 layer 2000 litre Water Tank is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for superior heat retention and insulation. The inner wall is constructed from high density polyethylene, which provides long life and excellent heat retention properties. The Anti-Bacterial 4 layer water tanks are also perfect for keeping your drinking water cool or refreshing in the summer. In addition, the coolant membrane helps prevent bacteria growth, while the anti-microbial coating on the surface resists algae build-up.

Item specifics: 2000 litre water tank

Roto moulded tank

  • The diameter of the 2000 ltr water tank is 1400 mm
  • Height is 1500 mm
  • The diameter of the manhole is 420mm

Blow moulded water tank

  • The diameter of the 2000 ltr water tank is 1340 mm
  • Height is 1640 mm
  • The diameter of the manhole is 450mm

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    Topline Industries has become the industry's most trusted water tank manufacturer. They also have very competitive prices so that you can save money on your rectangular water tank 2000 ltr purchase. The rectangular water tank 2000 ltr price ranges are between 16000rs -34,000rs.

    Topline industries is the best when it comes to the plastic water tank 2000 ltr price. It's reasonably cheaper than other brands. This might be due to its quality or the promotion strategy. Another thing to consider when comparing 2000 water tank price is the warranty offered by the company. If there are any issues with the product, you should ensure that the warranty covers damage caused by a manufacturing defect.

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