PVC Plumbing Pipe | Best Plumbing Pipes & Fittings In India - Introduction

Welcome to Topline Industries, your ultimate destination for top-quality PVC plumbing pipes and fittings in India. As a leading provider in the industry, we pride ourselves on offering the finest selection of plumbing solutions that meet the highest standards of quality, durability, and performance. Discover why Topline PVC plumbing pipes are the preferred choice for all your plumbing needs.

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PVC Pipes and Fittings

Our PVC pipes and fittings are crafted with precision and expertise to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in plumbing applications. Whether you're working on residential, commercial, or industrial projects, Topline PVC pipes and fittings are engineered to meet your specific requirements with ease.

Top Pipes and Plumbing Fittings Company

Topline Industries stands as the top choice for pipes and plumbing fittings, offering unmatched quality, reliability, and innovation. Here's why we're the preferred company for all your plumbing needs:

Pipes and Fittings Supplier in India

At Topline Industries, we take pride in being your premier supplier of high-quality plumbing pipes and fittings in India. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we strive to offer a comprehensive range of products that meet the diverse needs of our customers across various industries and applications.

What makes Topline unique?

What sets Topline Industries apart from the rest? Here are a few reasons why we stand out as a leading supplier of plumbing pipes and fittings:

Leading Plastic Pipe & Pipe Fittings Manufacturer & Supplier

As a leading plastic pipe and pipe fittings manufacturer and supplier, Topline Industries is dedicated to providing superior products and services to our customers. With our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, we aim to exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional value in every product we offer.

Standards & Specifications

At Topline Industries, we adhere to the highest standards and specifications to ensure the quality and reliability of our plumbing pipes and fittings. Our commitment to excellence drives us to meet or exceed industry standards, guaranteeing that our products perform optimally in various applications.


Topline plumbing pipes find versatile applications across a wide range of industries and settings. Whether in residential, commercial, or industrial environments, our pipes are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of modern plumbing systems.

Plumbing Pipe Applications

Features & Benefits

Discover the features and benefits that make Topline plumbing pipes the preferred choice for plumbing systems:


  1. Q.What are different types of pipes fittings?
    A. Topline Industries offers access to a wide range of pipes fittings solutions including uPVC, PVC, agri, column pipes, and so more.

  2. Q. What are fittings in pipes?
    A. Fittings attach one plumbing system to another to enable the flow of content within.

  3. Q. What are fitting types?
    A. There are various types of fittings available for different plumbing systems. Get to know more at Topline Industries.

  4. Q. What Size Pvc Pipes Are There?
    A. a). Standards ISI: 15778 for Pipes - SDR 1 1 | 3 MTR. The sizes are available in 20mm (3/4”) | 25mm (1”) | 32mm (1.1/4”) | 40mm (1.1/2”) | 50mm (2”).
    b). Standards ISI: 15778 for Pipes - SDR 13.5 | 3 MTR.The sizes are available in 20mm (3/4”) | 25mm (1”) | 32mm (1.1/4”) | 40mm (1.1/2”) | 50mm (2”)
    c). Pipes (Variants): SCH 40 & 80, ASTM D-1785 (PLAIN ENDED). AVAILABLE SIZES - 1/2” to 3”

  5. Q. How are PVC pipes safe for drinking water?
    A. PVC pipes are incredibly safe and secure; in fact, they are the most commonly used pipes for potable drinking water. PVC pipes are made of polyvinyl chloride, a non-toxic material that is both durable and corrosion-resistant. This makes them ideal for transporting drinking water, as they can withstand the rigours of everyday use. Plus, PVC pipes are completely non-toxic, so you don't have to worry about the water being contaminated by the pipes themselves. PVC pipes are also highly customizable, so you can easily tailor the pipes to meet your specific needs. All in all, PVC pipes can be trusted to provide clean, safe drinking water for years to come.

  6. Q. What Are The Different Pipes Used In Plumbing?
    A. Plumbing pipes are an essential part of any building's infrastructure. There are a wide variety of plumbing pipes to choose from, each with its own unique set of benefits.
    a). CPVC plumbing pipes are strong and durable and resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for hot and cold water systems.
    b). Casing plumbing pipes are perfect for underground installation as they are resistant to weather and chemical damage.
    c). SWR drainage pipes are designed for use with waste and soil, making them ideal for drainage systems.
    d). UPVC plumbing pipes are lightweight and corrosion-resistant and have a long lifespan.
    e). Finally, HDPE plumbing pipes are incredibly strong and flexible, making them perfect for high-pressure applications.

Explore our range of high-quality products! In addition to Plumbing Pipes, we offer water tank, HDPE pipes, UPVC pipes , casing pipes, column pipes, SWR pipes, MDPE pipes,agriculture pipes and insulated tanks. Discover reliable solutions for all your needs today!  

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