Topline Medium Density Polyethylene pipe (MDPE) is a lightweight, flexible and durable piping system which is manufactured within the world class Quality Management Systems.

Product Range and Standards

Standards - Sch 80 As Per Astm D-2467 

Sizes available are - 20mm | 35mm | 32mm | 40mm 

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  • MDPE plastic pipes are famous for its low-pressure loss, high compression strength, and low permeability to liquids. It is resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and most other types of damage. Because of their exceptional performance, many industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, power generation, natural gas, oil and gas, and the environment, are now using MDPE plastic pipes. 

  • It is commonly used to make various industrial, construction, automobile and packaging plastics as well as housewares. These materials are often employed in rigid structures, automotive parts, and consumer products. 

  • Polyethylene (PE) is a high-density plastic that can be used for packaging, car parts, and industrial insulating applications such as wrapped electrical cable. 

  • Light weight, Flexible and durable
  • Crack resistant
  • Robust construction with high impact strength
  • Low friction losses due to excellent smooth internal surface
  • Resistant to bacterial growth, corrosion, rusting etc
  • Excellent strength & stiffness
  • Chemical resistance
  • Suitable for cold and waste water distribution system

Water Tanks

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These piping systems are often used to convey wastewater from a treatment plant to a drainage system for storage or disposal. These systems are also often referred to as water and sewer mains. The function of a MDPE pipe is to ensure that the water from the tap flows through the pipe to the desired location without back-flowing. As a material, MDPE is significantly more resilient than most other pipe materials. It does not lose tensile strength or elasticity with aging and exposure to harsh conditions. Furthermore, mdpe pipes do not corrode or crack when exposed to saltwater, a common problem with other pipe materials. In comparison to other pipe materials, MDPE is also more affordable. 


Why Topline Industries MDPE Pipes? 

Topline Industries is the pioneer mdpe pipe manufacturer in India. The high level of quality and consistency of our products is ensured by stringent quality testing before they leave the production line. We work towards achieving high customer satisfaction through our quality assurance process. 


Standards & Specifications- MDPE Pipes 

Standards - Sch 80 As Per Astm D-2467 

Sizes available are - 20mm | 35mm | 32mm | 40mm 


Benefits of MDPE Pipes 

  1. MDPE Pipes are lightweight and are also known to be flexible, which means they can bend easily without breaking. Moreover, they are durable. 

  2. They are usually made of a medium density polyethylene material that can withstand very high pressures and temperatures without deforming.  

  3. The material is highly resistant to oil and water corrosion, making them ideal for corrosive environments.  

  4. Furthermore, the molded plastic construction makes them easy to install. 

  5. The pipe wall has a smooth surface with very low friction losses due to the frictionless internal surfaces. This reduces the maintenance costs of pipe infrastructure and the risk of pipeline damage due to pipeline friction. 

  6. These materials have high resistance to chemical and physical degradation. It is also resistant to rusting and can be used for a long time. 



  1. What is a MDPE pipe? - A MDPE pipe is a type of pipe used in wastewater systems. It is used to deliver water from an on-site water source to an off-site destination. In many regions of the world, people have limited access to clean water, and MDPE pipes are one way to provide it. The length of the pipeline is determined by the capacity of the treatment plant. 
  2. Where are MDPE pipes used? - These pipes are made of high-quality plastic materials and are quite resistant to corrosion and temperature extremes. They can be used in saltwater, alkaline, corrosive and freshwater applications. They can be used for water supply, drain pipes, sewage pipes, or other purposes. They are flexible enough to withstand high stresses but stiff enough to prevent water intrusion. Topline Industry is one of the topmost mdpe manufacturers in India. 
  3. What is MDPE gas pipe? - In the gas supply and distribution networks, the mdpe gas pipe is mainly used. They are corrosion resistant, flexible, weatherproof, and flame-resistant. These qualities make these pipes ideal for use in oil & gas enterprises. Topline is the best among the top mdpe gas pipe manufacturers in India. 
  4. Which pipe is the best for Use? – Topline Industries brand pipes are the best. We are the best mdpe pipe supplier in India. We are a team of professionals committed to providing quality pipe products to our clients at the most affordable prices. We have a long-standing relationship with the top-quality pipe suppliers in India. We regularly source new pipe suppliers, and we actively work with the suppliers to maintain a healthy inventory level. 
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