750 Litre 925 Litre Water Tank


  • Microbial food grades are a feature of plastic water tanks that render the water in the tank safe for consumption. The microbes in the water inside these tanks are natural, friendly and completely harmless to humans. It is, therefore, important to ensure that these tanks are kept clean at all times to avoid any potential health issues. The main advantage of microbial food grade 925 litres water tank is that they are completely safe to consume. This means you do not need to worry about health risks associated with drinking unfiltered water from other sources.
  • The flexibility feature is the characteristic which allows users to adjust the position of the water tank to meet different needs. This feature can be used in different ways, for example, by adjusting the angle of the water tank so that the water is more easily transported from one place to another. During rainy days, users can adjust the water tank so that it does not take up much space. Another reason for flexibility is that it allows users to use their water tanks for different purposes. For example, some people may want to fill their tanks with fresh water all year round. If this is the case, they can move their water tank outside and leave it there all year round. Another reason for flexibility is that many people are still unwilling to pay for a single tap-water connection. Some people would like to connect only certain parts of their home with tap-water connection, while others might want separate taps. These reasons make it clear why a tank system's flexibility feature is important.
  • Carbon protection and anti oxidant feature are features of plastic water tanks. This feature ensures the tank is protected from external forces, such as external temperature, mechanical damage or corrosion. It also helps to resist heat, light and other environmental factors that affect the tank.

  • 925 litre Water Tanks Price and Capactiy
    The plastic water tank 925 ltr price around 6000 INR – 12750 INR from TOPLINE INDUSTRIES is the best one to buy in India. It has a very reasonable cost and by buying it, you can save a lot of money. The products are available in different colors and layers, so you can choose the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Plastic tanks have a great variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. The most basic type of plastic tank is blow-moulded. This process involves heating plastic to high temperatures in a liquid or semi-liquid state. During this process, the plastic is forced into a metal mould. Liquid plastic is then cooled down to solidify the new part. Roto-moulding is another process used to create plastic tanks. They are usually done in factories because they need machines and special skills to be done correctly. TOPLINE INDUSTRIES is one of the trusted water tank manufacturers of the 925ltr range. It has been manufacturing high-quality plastic water tanks for many years. Its products are liked by customers for their durability and affordable prices which are around 6000 INR – 12750 INR for a 925-litre tank price depending on layers.

Item specifics: 925 litre Plastic Water Tanks

Roto moulded tank

  • The 3 layer roto moulded 925 ltr water tank comes in blue, green, aqua and white colour.
  • The 4 layer roto moulded 925 ltr water tank comes in blue, aqua, yellow and pink colour.
  • The 5 layer roto moulded 925 ltr water tank comes in aqua, yellow and pink colour.
  • The 7 layer roto moulded 925 ltr water tank comes in aqua and white colour.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Understanding the difference between 4-layer and 3-layer water tanks is important when you buy a tank. The 4 layer water tanks were designed for long-term use and will have a long life span. The 3 layer water tanks are more like the ones you use for a home or business with a shorter lifespan. The process of manufacturing the 3- and 4-layer tanks is quite different, so the construction and materials used will also vary.

    There are many options in the market regarding the type of water storage tank you need. Topline Industries offer a wide array of options in terms of types of water storage tanks and styles. Take your time choosing the right type of water storage tank to fulfill your requirements. They are made from top quality plastic and are also durable. The range in size, capacity and quality, as well as price, is ideal for all types of businesses and homeowners. We aim to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your water storage needs.

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