TOPLINE AGRI PIPES is self-socketed in one end and plain on other ends. This allows for a snug fit, without the use of any couplers. The strong solvent cement joint is permanent and trouble-free. This eliminates the inconvenience of loose couplers and thereby saves both time and cost.


40 mm to 200 mm for Pipes


IS 4985 for Pipes

Dark Gray

In Agriculture :

  • Water supply & distribution
  • Irrigation

Other :

  • Drinking water supply & distribution
  • Cable ducting
  • Ventilation Pipe Line
  • Slurry lines

Solvent Joint

  • Cut the pipes of required length and clean the end
  • Chamfer the edge of the pipe for easy entry
  • Mark the depth of insertion on pipe end
  • Roughen the pipe insertion surface (externally) & socket of the fitting (internally) by using emery paper
  • Apply a thin coat of PVC solvent cement on the roughened surface with brush. Avoid excess solvent cement
  • Insert the pipe end inside the socket fitting fully and turn through 90° for even spreading of solvent cement. Hold the joint for about 1 minute
  • Cure the joint for 24 hrs for a proper and permanent leak-proof joint

Threaded Joint :

  • Clean the male and female threads
  • Apply teflon tape on male threads in the Direction of the thread tightening
  • Tighten the threads firmly with hands
  • Tighten the joint slightly more using pipe wrench. Do not over-tighten
  • Use rubber packing while applying wrench to avoid scratches on the pipe
  • Light weight, easy to transport, store, handle and install. saves labour
  • Smooth bore ensures higher flow compared to G.I pipes and fittings of the same size. No clogging. Saves operational cost
  • Solvent cement joint therefore quick installation
  • Long working life (if operated under normal/recommended working conditions).
  • Cost effective & Added value for your money

Water Tanks

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You can put agriculture pvc water pipes in different agricultural irrigation systems such as water collection, distribution, and delivery. Hence, if you have an Agri pvc pipes system, you don’t have to worry about any chemical residues or pathogens getting into your freshwater supply. Moreover, if the system leaks, agriculture pipe won’t cause any contamination to the water supply. The main advantage of using PVC pipe for irrigation is that it does not erode or decompose. 


Why Topline Agriculture PVC Water Pipes 

 Topline Industries agri water pipe is widely used in various agricultural and irrigation applications and a large number of domestic water supply and swimming pool applications. 

Topline manufactures agricultural pipes under the Topline brand. The stringent testing regimen ensures that Topline agricultural PVC pipes are free of defects and provide a perfect fit for the intended purpose. The company maintains a stringent quality assurance program, testing raw materials and equipment batches to check for quality defects. 

The Self-fit pipe does not require any fitting to be screwed or clamped in place for fitting another pipe. The new unit is connected to the end of the self-socketed pipe by a simple twist-to-connect. The pipe fitting is then sealed with solvent cement after the pipe has been self-socketed.


Standards & Specifications-Agriculture PVC Water Pipes 

Standards - IS 4985 

Size ranges from - 40 mm to 200 mm  

Color - They come in a dark gray color. 


Benefits of Agriculture PVC Water Pipes 

  1. Compared to heavy grade pipes, light PVC pipes are easier to handle, transport, and install. PVC pipe is also cost effective compared to custom made steel pipes. 

  2. PVC water pipes are also eco-friendly and compatible with most landfills. PVC water pipes are safer than metal pipes. 

  3. PVC water pipe is also relatively cheap, which makes it a cost-effective solution to the otherwise laborious task of trenching. 

  4. Smoothbore water pipes reduce operating costs by preventing clogging, resulting in higher flow. This is a serious issue with other pipes as they can clog up and cause severe water borne problems like lead pipes. 

  5. PVC water pipes are very long lasting. They do not require frequent replacement like other types of pipes.  



  1. What is an agri pipe? Irrigation systems must be of high quality to meet the water requirements of the crops being grown. Therefore, it is paramount that you choose Agri pipes for your agricultural needs.   
  2. Where are agriculture pipes used? - This is especially useful for growing crops in areas where other materials such as concrete or soil might pose problems. Agricultural areas are often very dry, so an agricultural irrigation pipe can help deliver water to crops even when other water sources are not readily accessible. Agricultural PVC pipes are often used to transport irrigation water from wellhead to fields. Agricultural PVC pipes are resistant to most chemicals and will not deteriorate or leak if exposed. 
  3. What are agri pvc pipes? - These pipes are crushproof and do not deform or rot when subjected to high pressures. Agricultural PVC pipes are used for various purposes, such as irrigation, cable ducting, ventilation pipelines, etc., due to their durability, resistance to chemicals, and high water-retention capabilities. 
  4. Which pipe is the best for irrigation? - Topline Industries pipes are the best for irrigation. We are the foremost agri pipes manufacturers in India. We are popularly known for manufacturing high quality agricultural pipes for irrigation purposes. We offer pipes in various sizes and specifications to suit various project needs. The company has an extensive network of sales offices across the country. You can buy Topline agriculture pipe online or in brick-and-mortar stores. 
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