Topline CPVC, manufactured using the world's best Japanese material and technology, is an ideal solution for hot and cold water usages. Choice of raw material and strict quality control in production, gives these products a high degree of reliability which makes Topline CPVC a preferred choice of leading consultants, architects, builders, plumbers and quality conscious people across the country . This user-friendly and high-performance system is equipped with many outstanding features.


3/4” to 2” for Pipes & Fittings

Fittings : IS : 14735: 1999


Pipes : IS 15778 (SDR 11 & 13.5)

Fittings : ASTM D 2846 (SDR 11)

Dark Yellow
  • Residential & commercial buildings
  • Public utilities, swimming pools & industrial applications
  • Corporate houses & academic Institutes
  • Solar heater applications RO and DM water plants
  • For concealed, downtake & terrace looping
  • Indoor and outdoor use for hot & cold water application (From 0°C to 93°C only)

Solvent Joint & Threaded Joint

  • Smooth continuous flow of water due to smooth inner surface
  • Low thermal expansion & conductivity
  • Light weight & long service life
  • Easy to handle & installation
  • Fame & smoke resistant
  • Chemical resistant, resilient & longer lasting
  • Most cost-effective
  • Service temperature up to 93˚ C

Water Tanks

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CPVC is a durable and long-lasting plastic that has the ability to resist heat and most chemicals. CPVC pipes are corrosion-resistant, and thus, ideal for septic tanks. CPVC has higher tensile strength than PVC so it offers better resistance to wear and tear. It is also ductile, making cpvc pipe a top choice for corrosion-resistant applications. When you need to connect several different pipe systems together, you need to use cpvc fittings. 


Why Topline CPVC Water Pipes & Fittings 

Topline products are widely acknowledged for their high quality, durability and long service life. Topline cpvc pipe fittings offer a seamless and leak-proof connection between different pipes and other pipe-based components. Topline pipes and fittings use world famous Japanese technology and materials. It is equipped with an anti-microbial property which helps in preventing the growth of bacteria and other types of mold. It is one of the best cpvc pipe manufacturers in india. 


Standards & Specifications- CPVC Water Pipes & Fittings 


1. Standards ISI: 15778 for Pipes - SDR 1 1 | 3 MTR 

The sizes are available in 20mm (3/4”) | 25mm (1”) | 32mm (1.1/4”) | 
40mm (1.1/2”) | 50mm (2”)  

2. Standards ISI: 15778 for Pipes - SDR 13.5 | 3 MTR 

The sizes are available in 20mm (3/4”) | 25mm (1”) | 32mm (1.1/4”) | 
40mm (1.1/2”) | 50mm (2”) 



1.Standards ASTM D - 2846 for Fittings - SDR 11 

2.The sizes are available in 3/4" | 1" | 1.1/4" | 1.1/2" | 2" | 3/4"x1/2" | 1"x1/2" | 1"x3/4" | 3/4"x1x2" | 1.1/4"x3/4" | 1.1/4"x1" | 1.1/2"x1" | 1.1/2"x1.1/4" | 2"x1.1/2"   

 They come in dark yellow colours. 


Benefits of CPVC Water Pipes & Fittings 

  1. CPVC water pipes are preferred over other types of water pipes because of their smooth inner surface. This helps in providing continuous flow of water for a facility that has a limited water supply. 

  1. Another benefit of using CPVC pipes is that they do not interfere with the temperature change that takes place in water as it passes through the pipe. 

  1. Low Thermal Expansion & Conductivity are two important properties of water pipes. These properties ensure that water flows smoothly through the pipe and does not create any turbulence. 

  1. CPVC Water Pipes are very easy to install, you don’t need any specific skills. 

  1. Temparatures upto 93 degree Celsius can be withstanded by these types of pipes. 

  1. These pipes are resistant to the chemicals found in water, such as chlorine, bromine, and chloramine.   


  1. What is a CPVC fitting? - A CPVC fitting is a common type of pipe connection used in many different types of plumbing. These cpvc plumbing fittings can be used to connect a variety of different pipes such as water pipes, sewer lines, or kitchen pipes. Brass fta cpvc fittings are used in a variety of applications, but are especially popular in the building and construction industries. Looking for quality products and top-notch service, look no further than Topline Industries who is one of the topmost  cpvc pipe fittings manufacturers in India. 

  1. Which CPVC pipe brand is best? -  When it comes for selecting the top brands in India in CPVC pipes and fittings sector just go for Topline Industries. With our huge inventory and competitive pricing on our products, we are able to offer a broad range of products to our customers. You can buy cpvc pipes online in different sizes from our online store. 

  1. Which is the best water pipe? - CPVC pipes are easy to maintain and do not attract moisture which can cause corrosion.CPVC pipes do not conduct heat as copper pipes, but they are much cheaper. Topline Industry’s cpvc water pipes are one of the most trusted brands in India.   

  1. What types of advantages of CPVC pipe?    

    1. It is a thermoplastic that does not melt at normal temperature. This makes an ideal choice for cpvc pipe for hot water plumbing. 
    2. The main advantage of using this pipe is that it is smoke and fire resistant. PVC does not require a flame-retardant rating unlike certain other pipe materials.
    3. It is a widely used type of industrial cpvc pipe material for a number of industrial and commercial applications, such as water and steam distribution, oil and gas pipeline, water tower, and water treatment. 
    4. The pipe is comparatively cheaper than copper pipes. 
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