Topline Casing pipes are made from special PVC compounds having extra toughness. Topline offers a variety of pipes for bore-well applications to cater to every need of bore-well sector which includes casing pipes and ribbed screen casing pipes for tube wells. Plain pipes as well as screen (slotted) pipes are available in every category of casing pipes. They are manufactured as per IS:12818 & are available in Plain as well as Threaded ends. Threaded end ensures that pipes can be mounted on one another without using cement or adhesive. Casing pipes are colour coded blue.

Product Range and Standards

40mm to 200mm (1 1/2 Inch to 8 Inch) & in 3 metre & 6 metre lengths.

There are 2 types of Casing pipes : CS & CM. The CS pipes are casing pipes suitable for wells with depths upto 80 m while the CM pipes for wells with depth above 80 m up to 250 m

Dark Gray
  • Domestic wells, irrigation wells, industrial wells, public wells and mining wells
  • Slotted pipes for rainwater harvesting
  • SDR Casing pipes series for shallow depths as per company standard
  • Ribbed screen casing pipes for tube well
  • Non-Corrosive & Non-Conductive
  • Light in weight which makes their transportation & installations easy & cheaper than conventional materials
  • Resists bacteria, making it completely for safe drinking water
  • Long lasting & does not deteriorate as metal casing pipe does
  • Non-toxic & hence does not impart any taste, odour or colour to water Chemical resistance
  • Chemical resistance & excellent strength & stiffness

Water Tanks

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The most common use of the pvc casing pipe is connecting the well to the nearby wellhead through an underground pipeline. The casing protects the well against water erosion and restricts the water pressure on the well to ensure a proper water supply. Besides, it has better resistance to hydrostatic pressure, making it ideal for use in high-altitude regions. The PVC casing pipe is manufactured from a polyvinyl chloride polymer, which gives it excellent chemical resistance. The casing resists rusting and deterioration and is also non-toxic to water. The casing is usually color-coded to indicate the water level in the well and should be changed at regular intervals to avoid clogs.  


Why Topline Casing Pipes 

Topline pipes are manufactured using premium grade PVC compounds which are highly resistant to flexure and impact. Topline Pipes are manufactured under the stringent IS:12818 quality control system. The company has an experienced technical and marketing team that works towards meeting the diverse needs of diverse clients across India. The plain pipe is generally used for in-ground applications, whereas the threaded pipe is used for above-ground installations. In both cases, the casing pipe is the main structural element. Casing pipes are manufactured in Topline Industries factory using a proprietary process that ensures corrosion resistance. 


Standards & Specifications- Casing Pipes 

Standard - Sch 80 As Per Astm D-2467 

Specifications - 40mm to 200mm (1 1/2 Inch to 8 Inch). The depth range of the CM pipes is 80 to 250 m, while the depth range of the CS pipes is up to 80m. 

 The pipe comes 3m and 6m in length. They are available in dark gray colour. 


Benefits of Casing Pipes  

  1. Casing pipes are light in weight, which makes installing the pipes quicker & efficient. The installation of PVC piping is also energy efficient as pvc pipes don’t heat up during pipe installation & removal from the water main.  

  1. The best quality PVC pipe is non-corrosive, non-conductive, resistant to chemicals and moisture, and does not shrink or rot when exposed to water. 

  1. It can block harmful bacteria, making it completely safe to drink water.  

  1. PVC pipe is a durable and long-lasting type of pipe, so it’s so popular for applications such as water supply, sewer, or storm drainage. It does not undergo the metal-to-metal transition with steel, which accounts for its long-lasting nature. 

  1. PVC is typically much less expensive than standard metal piping, and it does not rust or corrode over time as metal piping does.  

  1. PVC pipe is a high-tech pipe material that is durable, chemically resistant, and does not impart any taste, odour, or colour to water. 

  1. The chemical resistance of PVC pipe has been widely acknowledged and respected by the industry, and most experts recommend that it be used where there is a risk of a chemical reaction. 


 FAQS – 

What is meant by casing pipe? – Casing pipe is the pipe that carries water from the wellhead to the property’s drinking water system. It is important to consider the type of casing you choose for your home’s water supply. Topline industries are one of the topmost casing pipe manufacturers in india. We are well known for manufacturing the best quality casing pipe in India and also are the best casing pipe supplier in India, who provides the best quality casing pipe at affordable rates.   

 What is casing pipe in Borewell? - With a borewell casing pipe, water is extracted from the ground by pumping water up a borehole. Most of the water extracted with a borewell pipe ends up as irrigation water, but some of the water may be used for drinking or other purposes. They are also used for domestic purposes and large commercial buildings.  

 What type of PVC is used for casing pipes? - Sch 80 As Per Astm, D-2467 is the type of PVC.  

 What is the purpose of casing pipes? –  

  1. Steel casing pipe connects the well or other underground installation to a mains supply. It is also widely used in the building construction industry to support the structural integrity of foundations. When used for its intended purpose, steel casing pipe provides adequate strength to the structure. 

  1. Steel casing pipe is used when the underground installation has to be protected from bad weather and flooding. It is also used to save water and sewer mains from damage during pipe replacement work. 

  1. Most modern borewells use transverse blue casing pipes types, with either plain or ribbed pipes. These types of borewell pipes are preferred over others as they are durable and long-lasting. They do not crack or fracture easily and provide good water. 

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