Choosing PVC water pipes for your garden is the best choice

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Are you searching for a top-quality PVC pipe for the garden? The thing with a garden PVC water pipe is that you can utilize it for a number of activities rather than giving water to the plants. You may also use them for cleaning your car, washing your balcony, doing any building or construction work at home, and many more. Thus, the PVC garden pipes you select should be long-lasting and of the finest quality. This post discusses all that you need to know about garden pipes. Read on!  


What are garden pipes?

Garden pipes are a significant part of your house. You may not be able to do gardening without it. In fact, it is a kind of water pipe that is well recognized for its durability, flexibility and is generally used to pour out water for all garden and lawn purposes. It is thus essential to use the best quality garden pipe.  

There are a complete lot of garden pipes present in the market as per the range of colours, sizes, lengths, and materials. Therefore, sometimes it becomes difficult to get the best amongst different garden pipes and fittings for your needed purpose. A Guide to Plumbing Valve Types 


Different Material Used for Garden Pipes

Nowadays, garden pipes are offered mainly in PVC plastic. Primarily, garden hoses were made using organic rubber. But the actual processing of rubber and, ultimately, the manufacturing of rubber hoses is quite expensive. Also, the hoses made of rubber were cumbersome and difficult to keep up and move all over.  

With the innovation of inexpensive, lightweight, and colourful PVC pipes for gardens, the hoses made of rubber went into obscurity. The PVC garden pipes quickly changed the rubber hoses. Nowadays, there are very few rubber garden hose producers available, but due to being paid to huge price, rubber hose only has its use in particular regions.  

A few years ago, expansible hoses came into the market. These hoses are extremely consolidated and have grabbed the markets in western nations. The expansible hose is manufactured of latex, and as the name implies, it enlarges and shrinks on being inflicted to water force. In India, these kinds of hoses are not successful due to the reduced water pressure in taps, and also, the usage practice in India is distinct. So, you should discover more intensely before selecting an expansible hose.  

Therefore, the PVC water pipes for the garden are inclusively the best choice to opt for and give the highest value for money.  


On Which Factors Does Quality of Garden Hose Pipe Depends?

It is quite difficult to assess the actual quality of the garden hose pipe. For common individuals, virgin or vestal plastic and recycled plastic are nearly the same. And quite evidently, they search for the same thing also, but the difference stays below the surface.  

In brief, the garden hose quality relies on these factors:  

  1. Load of the garden hose– Underweight or thin garden hose is more likely to get kinks and curls. So, you should avoid them. 
  2. Suitable inner width of the garden hose– If the inner diameter of a garden hose is very narrow or broad, the use of the garden hose with accessories and taps becomes a hassle. 
  3. Pureness of the raw materials utilized– Service life of the garden hose relies much on the materials employed. Even the best upkeep activity cannot protect a garden hose that is not made for quality. 
  4. Flexibility or stability of the garden hose– Summer oiliness and winter breakage are the normal effects if the garden hose is not maintaining ideal strength to it. 
  5. Clarity or opacity of the garden hose– The development of algae can be regulated if you use an indistinct garden hose. But indistinct garden hose possesses additional scope for contents and substandard raw material usage. So, you must be cautious. 
  6. Go through customer reviews– What other people have observed regarding the garden hose can be extremely useful in making up your mind to purchase or not to purchase. 


PVC Water Pipes and Their Benefits in Your Garden

Cast iron, steel and copper are all the best materials for pipes that are still in use, but a plastic water pipe provides various advantages that they fail to do. One of the most significant is that plastic is simple to cut and make into any shape or size required, even on work sites, which decreases the sum of labour needed to set them up.  

PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is the most extensively utilized thermoplastic polymer all over the world. PVC water pipes have apparent environmental benefits over conventional materials. PVC is the world’s most highly investigated and tested plastic. It has been confirmed that PVC meets all global norms for safety and health for the products and uses for which it is employed. PVC is a low-carbon plastic and needs limited energy and fewer resources to make. It stays for a long time with reduced maintenance and is simply recyclable. It also shows wonderful resistance to a large variety of chemical testing agents and disinfectants, making it a perfect selection for your garden pipe. 


Different Advantages of Plastic Water Pipes

Some other benefits of a plastic water pipe are:  

  • They are Non-Reactive: A general problem with metal piping is that when two different types are linked, they can react with each other and wear away, although plastic water pipes do not.  
  • They are Corrosion Resistant: Various metals start getting rust after long contact with water and different liquids. Whereas plastic pipes will not, and they can even be particularly developed to fulfill the needs of the system they will be a significant part of.  
  • Has a Low Heat Conductivity: Several types of plastic pipes can deal with a large variety of temperatures without breaking or warping. At the same time, their reduced conductivity helps in maintaining the water temperature inside with no creation of condensation, such as copper pipes are likely to do. 


With so many choices offered in the market, it might look tough for you to know the difference between virgin and recycled plastic. Moreover, if you buy a PVC water pipe made by Topline Industries, you get the top quality and best price assurance for your garden water pipes. These pipes can hold off any degree of increase or decrease in temperature without melting or getting hard and have no oil on the exterior in high-temperature circumstances. These garden PVC pipes are manufactured in India and for green India. 

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