10 Baby Steps To Reduce Water Waste At Home

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Earth is made up of 70% water and 30% land. Yet, life is exposed to only 3% of fresh water for consumption. This clearly pictures why it is so essential to reduce water waste. Moreover, India is now competing with China in terms of population by making itself the following most populous country in the world. The rising population is leading to more push and pulls for water accessibility. Even, the government has initiated the Jal Jeewan Mission to get water accessibility to the rural areas where water is scarce. This not only requires the efforts of Pani Samitis and people facing water scarcity, but it requires efforts from the entire nation to promote water management and support accessibility for the inaccessible areas. If you are also willing to participate in the drive, then first, you must save water at home. Here is how you can do it.  



Effective Modern Techniques To Reduce Water Waste At Home

Modern homes require modern solutions. Just like installing some plumbing fixtures and a water storage tank to save water. Here is how. 


Install Restricted Water Taps

The traditional types of taps are more prone to leakage because the faucets tend to lose their grip over time. But this is not the case with modern restricted taps. Nowadays, many taps have a round head that needs to be tapped instead of turned. This is a great initiative to save water at home as the taps turn up automatically. This prevents water leakage even when someone has forgotten to close the tap.   


Ensure Restricted Flush Tank

A wrong flush tank can lead to gallons of water waste. This is why you must replace the round knobs of direct flush with the water tanks. The present styles of water tanks store water in boxes. It is a dual-button mechanism where one button is to begin the water flow, and the other one is to break it. So, you can use it as long as the pot is flushed and disconnect it thereafter. 


Use CPVC Pipelines In Home

Steel pipes are more prone to corrosion and even lead to constant leakage. This is will not only lead to wastage of water but also harm the walls in the house. For this reason, use CPVC or HDPE pipes for water at home. The material of these pipes stays the same for decades. These never rust or get damaged inside the walls. You only need to use the correct type of fittings so that the joints are not affected on any side. This pipe is a must-do in modern homes to prevent damage and stop the wastage of waterImportance of Water Conservation and Rainwater Harvesting


Use Buckets/ Take 10 Minutes Showers

The modern techniques have given some of unique and fun ways of bathing. From giant showerheads that provide a rainfall feel to flourishing bathtub feels, there are many ways to enjoy a bath. But these are only good for occasional getaways. You must use buckets at home or get cleaned in just 10 minutes under a shower to reduce water waste.  


Monitor The Water Bill And Try Conservation

You must have a constant check on the water bills to know your gains and losses of water in the whole month. This will help in more water management in the long run.  


Reduce Water Waste With Some Additional Tips

These are some minimalist tips that should be adapted on a regular basis to avoid the wastage of water in homes and outside.  


Do Not Dispose Tissues In Pot Seat

Disposing of tissue papers, sanitary pads, and cigarette ashes in the pot seat will demand 3 gallons of extra water to flush it out. This is why, it is better to dispose of the leftovers in the dustbin. This will help to save water at home. After this, you must also ensure proper opening and closure of the flush knobs to avoid extra leakage in the pot seats. 


Turn Off the Water When Applying Soap

People generally have the habit of keeping the tap on while washing their hands. These drops of water can lead to gallons of water wastage in a day. To stop this move, you must always turn off the tap while rinsing water from the hands. This will prevent the wastage of water to a maximum extent with minimum effort.  


Don’t Turn On The Tap While Rinsing Utensils

Washing and rinsing of the utensils need to go hand in hand. However, in order to stop water waste, one must wash the utensils with water at once, rinse with soap only after turning off the tap. At last, continue the cycle of washing with water again.  


Use Washing Machine For Full-load Clothes

A washing machine can consume gallons of water for washing clothes. Therefore, washing limited clothes in gallons of water is a sheer waste of water, electricity, time, and effort. Instead, one must wash tons of clothes on one go, such that the machine can take the load and ensure maximum cleaning with minimum water usage.  


Share Knowledge In Homes And Outside

Water management is not the effort of one. It is an effort of a family, a society, and a nation. Therefore, it is essential to spread awareness in the family and community for supporting maximum water reduction as a whole.  


These minimum efforts can do the most for our Mother Earth and us. Make this a regular practice to increase the life of water by adding more drops to the ocean. For this, you can even get water storage tanks from Topline Industry to store more water and avoid any leakage. With this, install top-quality pipelines provided here so that you are free from any leakage for uncountable years coming ahead. Topline Industries can help you get rid of frequent plumbing fittings and assist you in your water management drive. Follow these steps from today to continue forever. Your minimum efforts to reduce water waste can make a huge difference. Make it worth it.   


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