How to Choose the Best Plastic Plumbing Pipe?

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Water is an essential part of human life. Any commercial or residential property needs plumbing to ensure a smooth and steady water flow. As pipes are a crucial part of any plumbing setup, it’s essential to carefully choose the right plumbing pipes. As a plethora of options is available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right material and brand for the plumbing pipes. Most people trust brands like Topline Industries, known for their best pipes for plumbing with superior quality and a wide range of plumbing products.  


Installing a plumbing system can be tricky, and the project location and size can primarily affect what type of material should be used for the plumbing pipes. A few decades back, metals like copper, brass and galvanised iron were prominently used for plumbing pipes. But their limited lifespan and the effects of natural elements have limited their use. Modern plumbing systems use synthetic materials like plastic and UPVC that do not rust and can last for years. If you are in search of the best plumbing pipes, you have come to the right place. This article will help you know the different types of plastic plumbing pipes and the factors you need to consider when buying plumbing pipes. Now, let’s get started. 



What are the types of plastic plumbing pipes?


 Plastic plumbing pipes are best suited for most water pipe plumbing installations thanks to the countless benefits over traditional metal pipes. Here are different top plastic plumbing pipe types that you should know.  



CPVC(Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes are one of the most popular options for plumbing home and commercial projects. CPVC pipes are known for their performance, safety and superior strength. CPVC pipes are resistant to internal or external corrosion, which makes them the best pipes for plumbing. Unlike metallic pipes, they do not rust and reduce water quality. Thanks to their superior strength, CPVC pipes can avoid premature pipe failures, natural damages, flow restrictions and process leaks.  


UPVC Pipes

 Poorly fitted and low-quality pipes can cause a lot of damage to the building and incur additional costs. That is why most plumbers prefer UPVC pipes over any other type. UPVC pipes are made with low-cost and high-performance material called Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. UPVC pipes are widely used to distribute potable water and are the primary choice of a plumber for plumbing in kitchens, bathrooms, and laboratories, making them the best pipes for plumbing. UPVC pipes are also used for overhead tanks in offices, hospitals, hotels, houses, complexes and tube wells. Thanks to its superior durability, strength and ability to withstand corrosion and chemical reactions, UPVC pipes are widely used for industrial purposes.  


SWR Pipes

 In today’s world, eliminating wastewater is one of the biggest concerns for most residential and commercial buildings. As the waster water and drainage involve harmful bacteria, choosing a reliable piping material that can last for years without any damage or leaks is essential. SWR pipes are highly durable and can resist bacteria and chemical reactions, which makes them the best pipes for plumbing for drainage systems, sewers and wastewater management.  


Casing pipes

 The rising need for drinkable water has substantially increased borewell operations in India. As the drinking water is pumped out of the earth, it is essential that any sort of dirt or contaminants shouldn’t contaminate the water. The casing pipes offer a secure, leak-proof piping solution and are the best pipes for plumbing borewells. The blue colour-coded casing pipes are essential for every borewell operation.  


HDPE Pipes

 Agricultural and irrigation projects require superior quality and durable pipes that can distribute water effectively with adequate flow. The HDPE pipes offer high impact resistance and are suitable for shifting soil conditions, which makes them perfect for agricultural and irrigation applications. HDPE pipes are long-lasting, low maintenance, easy and quick to install, and the best pipes for plumbing. They are also used in house connections, industrial applications, mining operations and underground drainage.  

 All these types of plastic plumbing pipes are used across various applications. Brands like Topline Industries are reputed for producing high-quality plumbing pipes across all these types. That is why it is a brand trusted by plumbers, residential and commercial project owners and contractors.  



Tips To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Pipes For Plumbing


 Though various types of plumbing pipes are available in the market, every project has distinct requirements regarding the plumbing systems. You must choose the right type of plumbing for every application. To help you do that, consider these various factors before buying the plumbing pipes.   


Water pressure

 The water pressure is a crucial factor when choosing the plumbing pipe. Commercial projects demand high water pressure. Therefore you need to choose a wide and durable pipe to withstand the water force. Plastic pipes are suitable for this purpose as they are very durable and can withstand high water pressure.  


Corrosion resistance

 As pipes transfer liquids like water, they are more vulnerable to corrosion. The corrosions can damage the insides and outsides of the pipes affecting their lifespan, water pressure and water quality. Most metal pipes are prone to corrode due to long exposure to the water; therefore, plastic plumbing pipes like UPVC and CPVC are primarily used in plumbing as they resist corrosion or any kind of chemical reactions.  



 Cost can be a dealbreaker for many, but it’s important to prioritise quality or ost when choosing plumbing pipes. Low-cost pipes may not offer the necessary durability and lifespan. If you install these cheap products, they are more likely to get damaged within months, increasing your reinstallation cost. On the other hand, premium, branded pies are made with high-quality, durable material designed to last for years and incur low maintenance.   



 Most plumbing fixtures are buried underground or concealed in walls, where extreme pressure can severely damage them. Therefore it is important to choose highly durable pipes that can withstand the pressure, do not leak and stay intact for years. The quality of the components, the plumber’s skills and the brand can determine the plumbing fixture’s durability and significantly improve its lifespan.  





 Whether it’s a residential or commercial plumbing project, the plumbing pipes’ quality affects the plumbing system‘s durability and lifespan. The plumber or contractor must consider the above-mentioned factors before buying best pipes for plumbing and should know about the various types of plastic pipes suitable for operation. That way you can choose the right pipe for the right application and secure the system’s lifespan for years.  



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