1000 litre 1250 litre Water Tank


  • Anti-microbial technology ensures that the water tank does not absorb any foreign substances, such as solvents, oil, or bacteria, from the tank's surface.
  • 100% Virgin Material is a term used to describe plastic products that have never been used before. It ensures that the product has never been exposed to any chemicals or pathogens which can lead to dangerous infections.
  • A heavy-duty water tank is durable and built to last. When selecting a water tank, durability should be one of your main considerations. A heavy-duty water tank will not only last longer but also handle the rigors of daily use more efficiently.
  • Rustproof is an important feature of a water tank. Rust build-up on the exterior of your water tank can cause corrosion, damaging your tank's structure and contaminating your water. Because rust can be very dangerous to health, it is important to ensure that your water tank is rustproof when installed.

  • 1250 ltr 4 layer water tank Price and Capacity
    1250 ltr 4 layer water tank price is one of the main factors to consider when buying a water tank. It's important to know how much it costs to buy a new water tank so that you can compare prices. The price of Topline Industries brand is between 10,000 rs - 21,250 rs.

The Topline Industries 1250L 4 Layer Water Storage Tank is an innovative product for storing water. It has 4 layers of protection against UV rays and weather elements. It is very hygienic. The wide opening facilitates easy cleaning. The high quality and durability of this unit ensure long term benefits. The water tanks are strong enough to last for years. The tank is available in multiple colour variants. This tank is available in many other sizes. It can be used for storing a lot of water. The only thing that makes this unit different from other storage tanks is its 4 layer protection. Besides this, this tank is very cheap and has a large capacity.

Item specifics: 1250 litre Plastic Water Tank

Roto tanks –

  • Overall Diameter – 1150mm
  • Overall height – 1255mm
  • Diameter of manhole – 450mm

Blow mould water tanks

  • Overall Diameter – 1060 mm
  • Overall height – 1640mm
  • Diameter of manhole – 450mm

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The approximate price of a water tank 1000 ltr 3 layer is between 8000rs -1700rs. The tank 1000 liter price will vary depending on its brand, quality, and size.

    The 1000 water tank price is between 8000rs -1700rs.

    When it comes to rectangular water tank 1000 ltr price, there are many things to consider. It would help to decide how much space you need, what features you want, and the available budget. The other thing to consider is the quality of the product. A good quality water tank will last longer, perform better, and be more convenient.

    Topline Industries plastic tank 1000 liter price is one of the lowest in the market (between 8000rs -1700rs). This is because most companies use inferior materials, resulting in a lower-quality product with a higher price tag. However, Topline Industries uses only 100% food-grade plastic, which is much more expensive than regular plastic. This means you're getting what you pay for when it comes to the plastic water tank price 1000 ltr.

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