500 Litre 625 Litre Water Tank


  • 4 layer 625 ltr water tank offers protection against biofilms and microorganisms. They allow you to safely use your water tank, even if it comes into contact with other water sources such as groundwater or other tanks. They also allow you to keep your tank clean and prevent bacteria from growing on its walls and inside its pores.
  • UV protectors Microorganisms that live on the surface of your tank are often responsible for algae build up, so a UV protector will help reduce the number of these organisms.
  • A layer of foam in your water tank provides insulation. Insulation helps keep your water at the right temperature by reducing heat loss. You can use any foam, from lightweight polyethylene to heavy-duty polypropylene.
  • Maintenance-free in 4 layer 625 litre Water Tank is important because the tank does not need to be changed or cleaned after every use.

  • 4 layer 625 litre Water Tank Price and Capacity
    While 4 layer 625 ltr tanks are more expensive than single layer ones, they come with a number of benefits that justify their higher price tag. The price of Topline Industries 4 layer 625 litre Water tank is 5000 rs - 10,650 rs.

The 4 layer water tank can store up to 625 liters of pure, cool, and clean drinking water in an energy-efficient way with minimal maintenance. The tank is extremely user-friendly and can be mounted on a wall or the ceiling. It is designed in such a way that you can access water at any time you want. This makes it more convenient as you don't have to wait for the water to flow into the tank. Moreover, the four layers of this water tank help protect the tank from external factors like UV light, temperature variation, etc. The water suspension in this tank also keeps the tank cool for continuous operation. This helps keep the water fresh, clean, and free from contaminants. The last layer of this water tank is the titanium layer which gives strength and whiteness to the tank.

Item specifics: 625 litre Plastic Water Tank

Roto moulded tank

  • Roto moulded tank
  • Height is 1040 mm
  • The diameter of the manhole is 450mm

Blow moulded water tank

  • The diameter of the 625 ltr water tank is 850 mm
  • Height is 1040 mm
  • The diameter of the manhole is 450mm

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The home water tank 500 ltr price of Topline Industries is 4000 rs - 8000 rs. The plastic tank 500 liter price from Topline Industries brand is the best rate because it is the most affordable plastic tank in the market in this range. It is also easy to carry and can be stored in any location. It is also lightweight so that it can be transported easily.

    It can be said that Topline Industries is a trusted name in the tank industry. Over the years, they have gained a great reputation for manufacturing top quality tanks. This is because they have always put great attention to detail. This means that they have never cut corners when it comes to quality. They are also very committed to improving their product line all the time. As a result, they are always coming up with new designs that are better than their competitors' products. This is why their tanki 500 litre price is so competitive. All these reasons make Topline Industries brand the best in the market, and you should consider buying it when comparing plastic water tank 500 ltr price with other brands.

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