What is the Best Way to Choose a Plastic Water Storage Tank?

Drinking water is a basic need. You need a good quality water tank to store water for your day-to-day use. If you are in search for the best water tank in India, you can come across a myriad of options out there -especially in terms of the material. Out of all materials for water storage tanks, you can bring home premium-grade plastic water storage tanks in India from leading manufacturers like Topline Industries. 


A water storage tank -like a plastic water tank, is responsible for collecting water and storing it for access and use. Overhead water tanks and residential water tanks have become crucial aspects of our day-to-day lives. Therefore, it is imperative for you to know about the best variety of water storage tanks and how to install them. 


What are Plastic Water Storage Tanks?

A plastic tank can be regarded as a large capacity storage unit that is either granular or linear. Plastic water storage tanks can be horizontal, vertical, above or below ground, and movable at the same time. These storage tanks are designed to collect and store hundreds of liters of water for longer periods without experiencing common wear & tear, deterioration, or weathering.  


A plastic water tank is responsible for storing clean water from the water purification system in your house or other water filtration systems until you are ready to access and use the water. Plastic water storage tanks from leading manufacturers like Topline Industries are available in a myriad of sizes, shapes, and configurations. Moreover, they are also utilized for multiple applications -particularly for domestic water storage in homes.  


Water tanks have become an integral part of the water systems of every household. There are specialized plastic tanks that are equipped with UV inhibitors to prevent sunlight from supporting the growth of bacteria and algae within the tank. Let us help you know ways to choose the best plastic water storage tanks. 


Things to Remember Before Buying the Best Water Storage Tank

Topline Industries is a recognized brand in the water storage tanks and pipe fittings segment. If you are purchasing a water storage tank, you should look into specific factors -right from the material to capacity, shape, color, and so more. Here are some:


#Storage Capacity

One of the most important aspects of choosing the best water storage tank is to consider the right storage capacity that you need for your home or building. The total capacity requirement of any water tank will entirely depend on the number of people residing on the premises and the overall water usage. The total number of people who use water for their day-to-day needs -including drinking, bathing, cleaning, washing, and cooking, determine the right size and capacity of the plastic water tanks. 

According to the Indian Standard Code, it is estimated that around 135 liters of water is required for a single person for daily use. Therefore, for a family of 4 people, around 650 liters of water is needed on a daily basis. As such, it is believed that a small water tank is capable of accommodating the daily water usage needs of a small family of four people. For larger families, the use of large-sized plastic water tanks is recommended. 



The overall durability of the water tank is another important factor to consider -especially when you are buying a plastic water tank. A plastic water tank from a leading manufacturer like Topline Industries is expected to be strong and durable. Therefore, the water tank you purchase should be capable of withstanding environmental changes, temperature changes, and unwelcoming events like monkey menace (quite common in Indian households). 

As far as the overall durability is concerned, there is no denying the sturdiness and strength offered by plastic water storage tanks by Topline Industries. Here, you can come across premium-grade plastic water tanks that are made out of high-quality plastic material that is both safe and durable. Some of the common materials used for the production of top-grade plastic water storage tanks are HDPE (High-density Polyethylene) and LLDPE (Linear Low-density Polyethylene). 



Different water storage tanks will feature different shapes and sizes -ranging from rectangular to circular, square, cylindrical, and even spherical. Based on your specific requirements and preferences, you can choose the shape that makes it the easiest for you to store water.  

While it is possible to choose a plastic water tank of any shape or size, still it is recommended to select the one that fits the available space for its installation. Tanks that are available in the shapes of squares or rectangles can be effectively fitted into corners to maximize the overall space. At the same time, cylindrical plastic tanks are recommended for larger areas. Plastic tanks from Topline Industries are capable of fitting in any given space. 



While you might not regard it, the color of the water tank you choose also plays a vital role in affecting the quality of water. Color has an important part to play in preventing the growth of bacteria and algae during storage. In water tanks that are light-colored, it is possible for sunlight and UV rays to penetrate easily. Therefore, it is common to find the growth of algae and bacteria in such water storage tanks. 

Most homeowners prefer dark-colored plastic water storage tanks. It is because they prevent the inflow of sunlight while hindering the growth of algae and other microbes within the storage area. With Topline Industries, you can come across UV-stable water storage tanks that prevent the transmission of harmful UV rays into the storage area. Therefore, you can be assured of the freshest and the cleanest quality of water at all times. 



 The placement of water storage tanks also affects the pressure and supply of water throughout your home. Overhead tanks are aimed at supplying day-to-day water needs. At the same time, underground water tanks accommodate abundant water for emergency situations. 



Get the most of your daily water requirements by installing top-grade plastic water storage tanks by Topline Industries! 




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