Choosing a pump, piping, and disposal system for greywater harvesting

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Greywater is the gently used wastewater that is derived out of sources like kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. It turns out to be relatively clean. Therefore, it cannot be compared to wastewater derived out of other sources like bathrooms -especially blackwater from toilets. Usually, any water that is drained out from the house rather than the toilet is known as greywater. It can contain traces of hair, food, grease, specific household cleaning products, and dirt.  

While greywater can appear dirty, it can still be reused or utilized in a dedicated grey water system for harvesting. Therefore, greywater does not have to be necessarily disposed into the sewage system in comparison to other types of waste water. This implies that wastewater can be repurposed or reused for beneficial and safe uses like greywater harvesting or yard irrigation. Therefore, it serves to be the perfect substitute for fresh water in some applications. It allows for ample water conservation while minimizing the amount of water that is transferred to the sewage system for proper treatment. 



Pumping Greywater

If you wish to collect greywater, gravity turns out to be the easiest solution. However, it is not always possible to ensure the physical implementation of dedicated grey water systems sequentially based on the existing altitude. The use of advanced grey water filtration systems and pumps will help you in achieving more flexibility and control in how you aim at dealing with this type of waste water. Choosing PVC water pipes for your garden is the best choice 

The designs for grey water filtration systems or pumps are not expected to be overly complicated. As per the general rule of thumb, when you are developing the greywater harvesting system, it is always recommended to choose the simplest design available out there.  

In addition to simple collection and pumping of greywater for its reuse, some other methods for using this waste water in your premises are: 

  • Integrated Sewage and Piping: This system will involve integrating the plumbing system of the entire house into a dedicated grey water collection system. These systems are quite expensive to install. In some cases, they might also demand some maintenance in terms of the overall use.  
  • Simple Piping System: This system can go ahead with creating an automated connection between the landscape and the laundry from where water is expected to be collected. The system makes use of plumbing connections between the drain pipe of the washing machine and the final landscape. Therefore, the wastewater will flow underground through a piping system directly into the yard wherein it is used for irrigating the land.  


This system of greywater collection comes at a reduced price of installation and materials. Still, it might require some level of maintenance to make sure that the plumbing system does not get clogged with any residue like soapy water.  

There are some systems that can allow the merging of waste water to the plumbing system of the toilet to make sure that you are not flushing the toilet with completely fresh water. The systems can be effectively integrated to include dedicated greywater outlets merging into existing sewage systems to make sure that no overflow takes place.  

The total amount of plumbing, pumping, and piping required in a greywater harvesting system will imply that they are highly susceptible to blocking due to the presence of residues. Therefore, these systems might require more maintenance than others. 


What are the Benefits of Greywater Reuse?

With proper treatment with a dedicated grey water filtration system and water tanks, there are several grey water uses -especially when recycled or reused. These utilizations make use of water for cleaning and washing, and also for the irrigation of plants in the backyard. To water the plants in the garden, greywater can be used. The supplements present in grey water (including nitrogen, phosphorus, and others) can offer amazing sustenance to the plants.  

Some additional uses of greywater reuse are:

  1. Reduced Use of Fresh Water: With the presence of a detailed greywater recycling system, the amount of fresh water that was used previously can be reduced significantly. Water is undeniably the most crucial asset to all of us. It is a vital resource that should be preserved for ages. Therefore, effective water harvesting and recycling turn out to be viable options.
  2. Cost Savings: Are you receiving higher bills due to the usage of excessive water? Through the incorporation of greywater recycling or harvesting system, you can minimize your water bills significantly.
  3. Heat Recuperation: Heated water makes use of thermal energy. This use of thermal energy goes down the drain every time we utilize water for bathing, washing, or using hot water for other tasks. A dedicated greywater harvesting and recycling system leverages the thermal energy to warm up new inflow of cold water. This means that you can look forward to minimizing the overall use of energy by as much as 60 percent.
  4. Reduced Water Sent to Sewage Units: Sewage water that enters conduits in the untreated form can be avoided with the help of the greywater harvesting system. It will ultimately depend on the location in which you reside. There are some urban localities that are currently working towards meeting the demands of the respective sewage systems. Due to this, untreated wastewater is observe to settle down in places wherein no one will require it.
  5. Conscious Use of Water: Progressions and changes that you bring about by making use of greywater can deliver a major benefit for you and the surrounding environment.
  6. Reclamation of Essential Supplements: Reused or recycled greywater contains essential supplements like phosphorus, nitrogen, and so more. When greywater is directed to your backyard, it positively promotes the overall growth of plants. Therefore, you can use recycled greywater to water plants in your garden. 



To effectively pump and reuse greywater for your premises, you would need proper installations of durable pipes and pumping systems. You can get access to top-quality plumbing pipes from a reliable provider like Topline Industries -a pioneering name in the industry for the manufacturing of durable and strong plumbing pipes. 



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