Why should farmers use agriculture PVC pipe?

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Farming entails a wide range of tasks, each with its value. Each type of agricultural activity requires its own set of tools and machinery and its management and system.

Seeding, drainage planning, fertilization selection, pest management, and soil quality are essential aspects of farming. These requirements inspire a variety of devices and ingenuity, but few are more complex than agricultural irrigation pipe fittings. For farming purposes, a suitable irrigation system is essential. 

As a result, good agricultural pipes are required for a sound irrigation system. Due to their numerous advantages, PVC pipes have become a popular choice for irrigation. This post will look at why farmers should use the best PVC pipes for agriculture.


First, let us know what are the PVC Agri pipes? 

A PVC pipe for agriculture is primarily used for water transportation and storage, and it can also be used for irrigation and hydroponic systems. A vast network of pipes is formed while laying the farm basics. So, before every sowing and harvest, the pipe network is checked and made to place. The quality of pipes must not be anything less than the best. The best PVC pipes for agriculture are the ones that do not deform or degrade when exposed to chemicals such as pesticides or other fertilizers. In short, they are durable.

It is made up of the main pipe and branch pipes.  

Water is transported from the source to the destination via the mainline. Branch pipes transport water from the main pipe to individual fields.  

This pipe is available in various sizes, and they can be found in a variety of places, including farms, gardens, and lawns.

Durability is one of the first things to look at in these pipes, as this foundation system cannot be changed once laid. Also, it is a direct contributor to the health of the output and the production quantity.  


Best Agricultural PVC pipes are durable

Due to the difficult conditions that the agriculture sector in India faces in trying to get better products and higher crop yields every year, the agricultural pipes must meet many expectations. Besides, the weather conditions (Summers can be scorching, and winters can be arid), varied terrain, and a list of other testing factors act as an uphill task for farmers.

Also, because each crop is planted at different times of the year, not every crop requires rainfall to meet its water needs. Amidst so many problems, the farmer’s water pipe must not be a problem.

Farmers look for durable PVC pipes because of the importance they hold. Irrigation is the life support to every farm. A failure in this system can be a failure in overall crop management. A sturdy and durable pipe system will ensure that the irrigation system is in place.

There are certain qualities to look in these PVC pipes, like whether they are compatible with the climate in India, they can manage the desired level of Waterlow, etc. besides, the PVC agriculture pipe must have the ability to resist corrosion and stabilize harmful UV radiation makes it an excellent choice for agricultural and outdoor operations.

Resistant to corrosion and chemicals

After durability, corrosion resistance is a significant quality check to ensure the quality of the pipes. In contemporary scenarios, metal pipes were prevalent. But over time, these metal pipes were exposed to rust and many other issues that deteriorated the quality of lines, revealing the crop and yield to significant risks. The revolutionary innovation of PVC agriculture pipe at the time completely changed the scenario.

Because PVC pipes do not react with air and water in the same way that metal pipes do, they do not rust or corrode over time, resulting in a significantly longer pipe lifetime. Corrosion in older pipe materials is posing a threat to our ability to provide safe drinking water and essential sanitation services now and in the future.

As a result, PVC Pipe is safer and more cost-effective in soil-aggressive applications. Alongside, PVC pipe is expected to outlast other lines without protective coatings or liners. 

There is a bundle of advantages associated with the PVC pipes; a few of them are listed below: 

  • PVC pipes can be easily customized. Since all sizes of farms are not equal, you can get one as per your farm requirements. There are numerous types and sizes of fittings available on the market. You can customize it as unique as you want. 
  • When the soil lacks absorption capacity or when water levels are high due to salinity levels on the land, rigidly built PVC pipes are required. Unlike lines made of similar copper and clay, PVC pipes have a smooth lining that ensures water travels smoothly to its intended destination with minimal clogging. 
  • PVC has a longer life span than other pipes, making it ideal for agricultural applications. The agri pipes are exposed to harsh weather conditions like sunlight and rain. Metal pipes react to these conditions and pose a risk to the whole farm. In contrast, the PVC counterparts do not respond due to the material and composition difference. Under the right circumstances, the PVC pipe could last for more than 50 years without needing to be replaced. 
  • PVC pipe is long-lasting. It can withstand a lot of pressure and stress for a long time. The pipe network in a farm loads a lot of water every day. PVC can withstand all that pressure! 
  • You are probably mistaken if you believe that burying your agriculture pipes will cause problems. External crush resistance is usually excellent in PVC pipes. 
  • Many farmers aren’t able to access quality irrigation systems because of lack of budget. Also, the metal pipes are expensive. But, when compared to metal pipes, PVC agriculture pipes are much cheaper. That makes them relatively cost-effective. 

With these benefits associated with the PVC pipes, one has enough reasons to consider these pipes over any other pipe grade. 

However, whatever type of pipe you choose, the importance of these pipes cannot be undermined on the agricultural front. A lot of benefits support the usage of agri pipes. Let’s have a look at these benefits of using pipes in fields and farms:

  1. Even distribution of fertilizers-

    Fertilizer application is a critical component of any agricultural farm, and using pipe fittings will make it simple, uniform, and trouble-free. Since the manual distribution and application of fertilizers can consume time and energy, it is better to rely on a definitive system. Using a pipe network is also beneficial as it is a one-time investment in the crop that lowers the labor costs and ensures zero waste of expensive fertilizers. 

  2. Easy to install-

    PVC Agriculture pipes are lightweight, making them simple to install and transport. The lines can be easily moved from one location to another without difficulty. Furthermore, unlike traditional metal pipes, the chances of the installers being injured while installing the pipes are low. Again, the best PVC pipes for agriculture have an advantage over other piping materials in installation, labor, and transportation costs, making them cost-effective.

  3. Agriculture pipe fittings can withstand harsh on-site conditions-

    On-site conditions on agricultural farms can be harsh, rough, and challenging due to the digging, ploughing, and everything in between. If you’ve installed agriculture PVC pipe fittings, you can breathe a sigh of relief because these piping solutions are designed to withstand the harsh on-site conditions at agricultural sites. 

  4. Flood Control-

     Irrigation pipes protect crops from flooding and prevent soil erosion. Flooding can be devastating to crops. Irrigation pipes divert surface water away from crops, allowing them to grow unaffected. 

  5. Crop Protection-

    Pest and disease protection is provided by irrigation pipes. Pesticides are sprayed directly onto plants by sprinkler heads. Fertilizers and herbicides are delivered to plants via drip lines. This system makes the application more solid, leading to better protection of crops in the long run.   

  6. High Tensile Strength-

    Agricultural conditions on the ground are difficult due to weather, terrain, digging, and everything else that comes with fields. All concerns about pipe breakage are put to rest with the best PVC pipes for agriculture and Fittings, as these pipes are designed to withstand harsh on-site conditions. The pipes and fittings from reputed brands trademark high strength and durability.

  7. Better utilization of resources-

    These pipes allow farmers to use less water while preventing leakage and run-off. As a result, a farmer conserves water and soil nutrition and structure. Besides, the uniform spread of the agricultural inputs saves and utilizes resources better. 

    Overall, using these pipes for irrigation can bring many benefits in terms of resources, efficiency, farm products, and total costs. But, always remember that quality is not assured only by the claims and advertisements. Whenever you buy these pipes, ensure you are assured of the best quality.


Here is why choosing the right pipe system matters

A solid irrigation system can highly impact the overall soil quality, quality of farm output, and various other farm-related things. Choosing quality agri pipes and products will assure you the longevity and sustainability.  

When choosing the right quality PVC pipes, you can rely on Topline industries as they meet all the necessary guidelines and requirements for an efficient irrigation system.  

Topline industries have been a renowned name for many years now. They are famous for the quality products and the adaptation evolution they have bought over the years. They deal in PVC and HDPE pipes and water storage tanks. Besides agriculture, they deal in other pipes like column pipes, SWR pipes, and pipes for housing needs. 


The products from Topline Industries have some the excellent features like  


  • UV protected Products 
  • Chemical resistant 
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Thermal conductivity 
  • No choking/ High Flow Rate 
  • Cost-efficient 
  • Easy Installation 
  • Low Maintenance


Final word: 

It’s also worth noting that India is the world’s largest producer of fresh fruits and vegetables and the second-largest producer of wheat and rice. This demonstrates that agriculture is vital in the country, accounting for nearly 18 percent of GDP. India is also the world’s second-largest producer of agricultural products. To maintain this statute, it is essential that the foundation of agriculture activity remains solid.

The irrigation infrastructure is kept intact by a network of canals from rivers, well-based systems, groundwater, rainwater harvesting products, and tanks. To assist you in delving deeper into the details, A lot depends on the best PVC pipes for agriculture and other infrastructure equipment used to help the agriculture sector function properly. This necessitates the creation of a dependable water supply system for irrigation, canaling, and different agricultural needs.

We have a fantastic suggestion for those looking for the perfect Best PVC pipe used for drinking water and, for their farms that will work wonders. Topline’s products are made of high-quality PVC with increased strength and stiffness. Because of the pipe’s ability to resist corrosion and stabilize harmful UV radiation, it’s ideal for agricultural and outdoor use.  


Agriculture pipe fitting is essential for agricultural development. Farmers require these fixtures to transport water to their farms. Traditionally, these fittings were made of metal or low-grade plastic, each with its problems. 

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