What is the Importance of Thermal Insulation in Your Water Tanks?

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With increasing energy costs, improved focus on the overall security, and the ever-rising concerns of the climate, it is quite a cost-effective solution to install a dedicated thermal insulation system in the water storage tanks of your home or premises. When you make use of insulated water tanks, it could lead to regulated water temperatures and reduced energy costs. Additionally, you can also experience a longer water storage tank life, a shorter payback period, and improved safety.  


Every year, as the winter sets in, we constantly worry about the cold conditions out there. While it is quite a respite from the heat of the summer season, winters bring along the hassle of heating up water coming in directly from the water storage tanks. Areas that experience lower temperatures can experience super cold water running through pipes -even worse, water can get frozen in the pipeline itself.  


If you wish to ensure a well-regulated water temperature during extremes of the weather, you can consider installing a thermal insulation or heat insulation system with the help of a top-grade insulated water tank. Let us learn about it in detail!


What is Thermal Insulation?

In cold climatic conditions, outdoor tanks for commercial or residential water storage need ample insulation. It helps in offering protection against freezing of water present in the tank while minimizing the overall damage caused to the water tank and the plumbing system. Moreover, it also helps in avoiding any compromises made against the overall water supply.  


Some of the conventional methods used for protecting outdoor water storage tanks from freezing are electrical heating blankets, submersible electric water heaters, and external heating systems. However, most of these methods consume ample energy and increase your monthly energy bills significantly. If you wish to save energy, you can think of using the process of thermal insulation or insulated tanks for water storage. Thermal insulation does not require additional energy or even maintenance once insulated tanks are installed. At the same time, thermal insulation offers a cost-effective way to protect the outdoor water tank from cold conditions.  


To ensure thermal insulation in water storage tanks, leading water tank manufacturers like Topline Industries make use of PE or Polyethylene foam layers in the tank. These layers serve the function of a heat insulator. Polyethylene layers are poor conductors of heat. Therefore, they serve as an effective barrier for heat transmission -from the water in the tank to the outside environment. The use of thermal insulation in water storage tanks offers the assurance that water inside tends to be less affected by harsh weather conditions outside -whether it is high heat or freezing temperatures. 


The Best Weather-Insulated Tank for You

If you are in search of the best heat insulated water tank for your home, Topline Industries has got you covered! It brings forth the revolutionary range of the first-ever insulated water tank in the world that also maintains your overall health while regulating the temperature effectively -maintaining around 10-degree cool throughout. 

Some of the major highlights of the heat-insulated water storage tank by Topline Industries are: 

  • Available in grey color for maximum heat insulation 
  • The surface of the tank is coated with Ultra-titanium. The material is capable of reflecting more than 90 percent of sunlight and harmful UV rays falling on the surface of the tank.  
  • The insulating material on the water storage tank does not allow the transfer of heat from the outside to the inside stored water and vice versa. 
  • In hot weather conditions, the cooling lid exhausts the water vapor formed inside the water tank. 

Some of the unique features and benefits of Topline Industries heat insulated water tanks are: 

  • Heat reflector 
  • UV reflector 
  • Ultra-titanium material 
  • Anti-microbial 
  • Anti-oxidant 
  • Food grade material 
  • Nano carbon flexibility 


Importance of Thermal Insulation

When heat insulation is applied to the outer layers of the water storage tank, it helps in ensuring the year-round stable and temperature-regulated water supply for cleaning, drinking, and various other uses. Moreover, with proper thermal or heat insulation, it is possible to streamline water delivery for a wide range of commercial applications as well -including commercial-grade food & beverage preparation, fire suppression, agriculture and irrigation, industrial manufacturing, and so more. 


Most families realize that insulated water tanks are immensely useful. With long-term water storage that is temperature-regulated, it helps in saving energy bills significantly. Moreover, it also helps in maintaining the overall standard of living of the family in case of water emergencies while contributing to the conservation of natural resources and providing water for irrigation of the home-based garden. 



Benefits of Installing the Topline Insulated Water Tank

When you choose an insulated water tank by Topline Industries, you get access to additional benefits like the presence of the anti-microbial layer. Moreover, the construction of the water tank is free from the use of any heavy metals. There is also the presence of the UV-stabilized sun protection layer to prevent the contamination of water from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The threaded lid of the water tank is quite strong and durable to keep water inside safe from pollutants or dust.  


If you are concerned about the overall appearance of the water tanks, Topline insulated water tanks are aesthetics as they are available in classic dark grey shade. The water storage tanks by Topline Industries also feature impressive capacity ranges of 1000lt and 2000lt.  


If you are looking for a temperature-regulated insulated water tank for your home or premises, you can trust premium-grade insulated water tanks by Topline Industries. Whether you wish to keep water inside the tank safe from UV rays or microbes, insulated water tanks by Topline offer it all! 



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