A Detailed Guide on MDPE Pipes & Their Benefits

MDPE Pipes & Their Benefits

Over the years, MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) water pipes have gained widespread popularity, and these pipes are commonly used in both on-site water sources as well as on off-site destinations. The pipes can easily be used for residential as well as for commercial purposes, helping to deliver clean and safe water. MDPE pipes have successfully eliminated the shortcomings that were previously experienced and faced by multiple users as these pipes are recyclable. It is a sad fact that there are many regions of the world where people have only limited access to clean water or, in some cases, they don’t even have any source. MDPE pipes act as a great source to provide clean water. There are many MDPE pipe sizes available, and the length of the pipe always depends on the capacity of the treatment plant. Read on to know more about MDPE pipe prices, features, and benefits.  


What is an MDPE Pipe?


Medium Density Polyethylene (known as blue MDPE/ blue poly, regularly called in merchants) is a durable pipe which is suitable for delivering high-pressure mains water from the main run. Now the existing lead water main pipe can be replaced with water MDPE pipes. MDPE are the most preferred piping system nowadays, as they are lightweight and flexible, acting as a great mode of a durable piping system. The MDPE are-  

* Light-weight, flexible and durable,  

* Crack resistant,  

* Availability of various MDPE pipe sizes 

* Robust construction with high impact,  

* The pipes can be used for cold as well as waste-water distribution,  

* MDPE pipes have an excellent smooth internal surface, making low friction loss.  

* MDPE pipes are safe from any chemical reaction or bacterial growth, corrosion, rusting etc.  


Uses of MDPE Pipe and Fittings


MDPE pipes act as a perfect alternative for traditional pipe work, mostly used for internal purposes. Also, MDPE pipe prices are quite affordable. The toughness of the MDPE pipes allows it to be used in all underground projects in order to supply drinking water or gas from an external source to its desired location. MDPE waters are push-fit; it doesn’t require a hand tool, plumbing tool or power tool to join the elements together. It does not require any sealant to join together. MDPE pipes are designed to be used underground and should not be used on the ground unless it is shielded from sunlight.  


For pressure fitting


* The first thing that you need to use is the pipe cutter to get your pipe to the required length.  

* After cutting the pipe, you can insert your pipe liner into the end, where the fitting will be applied.  

* Use the pressure fitting and then loosen one side of the nut. Proceed to push the pipe through the loose ends.  

* Now, a strap can be used for tightening the loosened end of the fitting.  


For push-fit fitting


* You need to use the pipe cutters to get your pipe to the required length.  

* After cutting the pipe, you can insert your pipe liner into the end, where the fitting will be applied.  

* Put your pipe side by side and mark the area using the depth indicator.  

* Now push your pipe into the fitting until it reaches the marked area.  

MDPE can be seen in action in pipes and fittings. MDPE pipe sizes are varied and these pipes are used for gas pipes, water and waste-water plumbing designs, sewage and drainage, steel pipe coating, wiring and cables, and lots more. Moreover, MDPE has found countless applications in automobile industries where its high impact resistant properties, where its high impact resistant properties, toughness, density and moisture and chemical resistance are adopted in car designs.  



What are the benefits of an MDPE Pipe?


  1. Easy to install

    MDPE pipes are designed to be used for the long term and are super easy to install. The MDPE pipes are also flexible too, which means you can easily bend them without causing any damage or breaking. Installation of MDPE pipes is easy as you don’t require any kind of complicated tools. If you look at the bigger picture, the labour cost will be reduced due to its ease of installation.


  2. High resistance to shocks and cracks

    There are certain types of pipes that are not ideal for delivering water from the mains due to their vulnerability to cracks and shocks. If such damages keep happening at a great pace, then it is obvious that you will be slapped with a huge bill at the end of the month. With MDPE pipes, you get the assurance of high resistance, as the pipes can withstand any kind of shock. The pipes can be used for decades without requiring a replacement.


  3. Withstand changes in temperature

    MDPE can be used outdoors and indoors. MDPE pipes are designed to withstand changes in temperature. The water will not freeze inside the pipes, even during heavy winters.


  4. Cost-effective

    Although the cost of buying MDPE is a bit higher than that of ordinary pipes, but in the long run, you will find that MDPE pipe price comes to be very affordable as these pipes are long lasting. The MDPE allows water to flow continuously and smoothly, even with high pressure and high and vice-versa, making it easy for you to spend less energy when operating the pump. 



MDPE pipes play a major role in the piping system, irrespective of whatever sector you are working, be it an irrigation system facility, house build or even a hydro scheme. It is safe and suitable for every piping sector. Topline Industries offers a full range of pipeline products for water, gas and other piping systems. The pipes that we offer are of high-value quality that can be used for a long time without causing any problem in the piping system and our MDPE price prices are best as per the market price. Our entire team always strive towards achieving high customer satisfaction and is always working hard towards achieving the goal of becoming the best pipeline industry.   

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