How Can Column Pipes Benefit Your Bore Well?

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Bore wells are the biggest source of household water in India; after the farming or agricultural revolution, the usage of bore wells has greatly increased in irrigation. Based on the position of the local aquifer, grade of soil-rock and usage design, the working endurance of a bore well differs. It is good to know that column pipe is an important constituent of any bore well structure. Relying on the selection of the pipe, your borewell plan will either do well or break down. For it to work properly, there comes the requirement to know what column pipes are, as it is the bore wells necessary to take out water from the ground for all useful purposes.  


What Are Column Pipes?

These pipes include long tubes of varied diameters that are employed to take out and transfer liquids. They are generally manufactured from a mix of vinyl and plastic, known as uPVC, thus, known as uPVC column pipes. It is non-incisive, more durable and includes noteworthy tensile power to hold off excessive hydrostatic pressure.  


What are the important benefits of uPVC Column Pipes?

uPVC pipes are made explicitly for submersible pumps. They can deal with both inner hydrostatic pressure in addition to increased tensile pressure created by the pump load, cable load, column water pressure and weight.


1. Durable and long-standing

uPVC pipes utilize unplasticized polyvinyl (PVC), making them specifically hard and long-lasting even under continuous pressure. Very high hydrostatic collapse pressure makes these pipes perfect for bore well pipes crossways a range of soil-rock creations and water stress. They last long, so you do not need to worry about changing them rapidly. High-quality uPVC pipes can generally have over 100 years of service duration. 


2. Leak-proof material

Water is important for human endurance and gets polluted easily if not looked after well. Pollution takes place when sub-surface water gets into the bore well and impacts the water quality. uPVC is rigid; thus, using pipes made of uPVC is the best method to keep your bore well fresh by stopping any pollution from taking place. If you wish your bore well to be in good condition for an extended time, then you must invest in some strong and long-lasting uPVC pipes. 


3. Resistant to chemical & electrochemical responses

One of the top challenges of bore well casing pipes is the chemical combination of rock soil and steady contact with groundwater. Minerals in the rock soil generally react with casing substances in the occupancy of oxidizers such as water and develop corrosion. uPVC is corrosion-resistant because it is not prone to electrochemical and chemical reactions. Therefore, you can be sure in all kinds of rock-soil situations and enjoy safe water for drinking and irrigation purposes. 


4. Cost-effective and economical

Even though you can purchase inexpensive casing pipes for your bore well, those would not be as strong as well-made quality uPVC pipes. It is important to put money into a lasting product that would help in offering water for your household and farming purposes. In spite of increased rigidity and material power, uPVC is light in weight. It makes uPVC pipes simple to transport, install and handle, saving time, money and efforts. The set-up is fast and simple.



Essential Features of uPVC Column Pipes


  1. Solid construction and extended life span. 
  2. Can be utilized for drinking water supply. 
  3. Uniquely made square threads are able to withstand heavy loads and are rust free PBTS locking arrangement.  
  1. A unique rubber ring is given in the coupling amid the two pipes to take in the vibration created because of increased pump pressure. 
  2. Can manage water with the highest temperature up to 450c. 


Which is the Best Pipe Used in Bore Well?

Specialists consistently trust uPVC bore pipes and column pipes when setting up a bore well for both household and industrial usage. uPVC pipes are no doubt chosen over metal pipes because of their better and more sustainable features that metal pipes do not have.  


UpVC Column Pipes for Industrial Uses

Industrial use of pipes is a completely different game. Each project differs in the sense of scope and needs. The limit of error is inconsequential, if not zero. You ever work under a lot of pressure to offer mission-critical plumbing arrangements that withstand pressure and operate without creating interruptions or recurring downtimes. Plumbing designers who work for industries always choose to use UPVC fittings and pipes, from fetching water to taking out the industrial waste.  


Benefits of UPVC pipes in industrial plumbing


Powerful and under huge pressure

UPVC pipes give effective durability and long life, even in additional pressure. So, you may use these pipes for all kinds of industrial work. 


Robust and less maintenance

Non-plasticized PVC is less absorptive as a substance. It grows pipe intensity and decreases maintenance needs. 


Water security

Lead-free uPVC is secure for drinking water and different human usages. Therefore, you can use these pipes in wellness and hospitality businesses with no risk of water pollution. 


Reduced solid residue

uPVC pipes made for industrial utilization are less susceptible to sedimentation. It assures an insignificant drop in the cross-sectional region over long-term usage; and authorizes for better flow constantly. 


Self-elimination and improved fire safety

uPVC is a self-elimination material. In industrial usage, these pipes offer crucial fire safety. 


Worthy investment

Immensely economic uPVC pipes lessen the primary ownership charges, even if small, medium or big projects. Reduced maintenance need also decreases ownership charges on pipes’ life process.  CPVC Plumbing System: Everything You Need to Know 


What are column pipes used for?

  1. Column pipes are extensively used in the bore well frameworks to take water from below the surface aquifer.  
  2. They are also employed with jet and submersible pumps for agricultural watering, industrial mining, and chemical distribution.  
  3. They are also the best for household, commercial and industrial usage.  
  4. They are used to take out water from underground tides and transfer it to the surface. 
  5. Pumping arrangements may fail if you don’t set up proper column pipes. These pipes are effective in saving water.  
  6. They are most helpful to farmers because they stop leakage and water draining. These pipes maintain the nutrition of water and soil as well as keep the structure perfect.  
  7. These pipes lessen electricity bills because they take up less water and consecutively reduce the energy needed for pumping water. 



So, selecting quality UPVC column pipes from trustworthy and reputed PVC pipe manufacturers is the best decision. You may always get in touch with experts. Topline Industries, a leading brand of column pipe manufacturers in India, provides impartial expert help for all your bore well inquiries. 

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