Plumbing Solutions: How To Detect A Plumbing Leak?

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All residential properties rely significantly on water -until it is safely contained in a sink, pipe, tub, or the right appliance. However, this crucial resource can become your enemy soon if it goes wherein it shouldn’t -causing damage to the furnishings or structures of the home. Unfortunately, plumbing leaks are quite common -even in newer homes. It is highly likely that homes tend to suffer from plumbing leaks at least once in their lifetime. Let us help you understand common signs of a plumbing leak and potential plumbing solutions that will help you lead a peaceful life. 

6 Signs There is a Plumbing Leak in Your Home

According to reports, it is estimated that around one trillion gallons of water are wasted almost every year due to plumbing leaks. The report reveals that up to 10 percent of homeowners take responsibility for the bulk of water wastage at more than 340 liters on a daily basis.  

Much of water wastage goes unnoticed by homeowners. However, after a specific period of time, when left unnoticed, you will end up wasting a lot of water. It not only wastes the most precious resource on the planet, but also damaged your home in the long run.  

Some of the tell-tale signs of a plumbing leak in your home are:


#Higher Water Bills

Is your water bill increasing for no reason on a monthly basis? The chances are that your house is experiencing water leaks at some corner. Even smaller plumbing leaks can add up quite fast -washing away thousands of gallons of water while running up the water bills monthly.  

It is recommended that homeowners should check the winter water usage during colder months like January or February and consider The 5 most common types of plumbing pipes in homes. If the consumption of water exceeds around 55,000 liters every month for a small family of four, there are some major leaks in your home.   

One way to observe whether or not there is a leak in your plumbing system is by checking water usage when nobody is at home. You can note down the numbers on the water meter before leaving the house. Then, you can check the meter once you return. If the water meter values have altered, then you are experiencing a plumbing leak somewhere in your house.  

Leaky toilets can also lead to increased water bills. A single leaky toilet is responsible for wasting several liters of water every year. If you wish to stop these expensive water leaks, it can range from anywhere between replacing the flush ball, repairing the plumbing pipes and fittings, and reaching out to an emergency plumber in your area.


#Development of Mildew and Mold

Persistent plumbing leaks can lead to the development of mildew and molds. These are always unsightly and dangerous for your health. Moreover, molds can lead to issues related to upper respiratory tract while irritating asthma and allergy patients. In some cases, water leaks can also lead to the development of highly toxic black mold that is potentially dangerous for your health. 

Mold grows as a result of standing water or moisture due to condensation out of uninsulated water pipes, water leaking into the basement, a leaking water pipe, or a leaking washing machine hose. Excessive mold damage can be effectively remediated by plumbing experts. Otherwise, you can think of using premium-grade water pipes from reliable manufacturers like Topline Industries to get access to the best quality of water pipes of different types and functionalities. 

When mold and mildew are left unchecked, they could eventually damage drywall, wood, and other materials. Therefore, it is crucial to take immediate action to minimize expensive damage to the home while protecting the overall health of your family.  

If you witness a musty, persistent odor in the basement, it is mostly due to the result of mold growth. As mold continues growing and spreading, it tends to emit gases leading to the development of musty odor. Irrespective of what might cause the musty odor, you should not ignore it. Knowing about the cause and solutions will help in preventing bigger and expensive repairs in the future. 


#Water Stains on Ceilings

The presence of dark spots or other types of discoloration on the ceiling can be a sign of a potential water leak. These spots mostly indicate a leak in the roof. However, if you have a bathroom upstairs and the development of a discolored spot right below the bathroom, the leak is taking place from the bathroom.  

You will probably not witness any signs of a potential leak on the ceiling until the leak has been there for a while. Therefore, it is expected to address the problem right away. 


#Foundation Cracks

Homes tend to settle down with time naturally. This could lead to the development of hairline cracks on the drywall or in the ceiling. However, if you come across a sudden crack that has widened unexplainably, it could be due to a leaking pipe that is damaging the foundation of your home. 

A damaged or undermined foundation will start sinking slowly. With the process, windows, doors, floors, and walls will start tearing apart gradually.  


#Strange Plumbing Noises

When things go perfectly well, the plumbing units and systems in your household should function noiselessly. There are several reasons why you come across rattling or other types of strange noises in your plumbing systems.  

Ratting sounds or vibrations could be a sign of mount or loose fittings somewhere in the plumbing lines. If this is the case, they could imply a water leak somewhere in your house -damaging the insides of your walls.  

If you continue hearing water sounds even when the plumbing fixtures have been turned off or any other strange noises, it is crucial to determine the cause and how you can resolve it.  


#Rusty Pipes

Older homes -particularly, are likely to feature galvanized drains or plumbing pipes. Galvanized steel will eventually lead to the development of corrosion and rust -leading to leaks.  

If you come across any signs of discoloration, flaking, stains, or visible rust on exposed plumbing lines, it is a sign of corrosion. Replacing corroded or rusted pipes before the occurrence of a complete failure will help in saving you time and money in the long run.  


What are the Most Common Plumbing Issues?

Plumbing issues are an inevitable aspect of owning a home. While some plumbing issues are due to normal wear & tear of the plumbing systems like pipes & fixtures, others might be the result of using and maintaining the systems. 

Some of the most common plumbing issues you might run into quite frequently are: 


#Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets are wasteful, annoying, and expensive. In some cases, the drips are due to the O-ring or worn-out washer, which can be replaced easily. In other cases, corrosion or improper installation of faucet can also cause the drip.  

If the faucet is dripping, you can do the following: 

  • Make use of a drip calculator to analyze how much the drip will cost you  
  • Let the expert plumbers diagnose the problem if the O ring or a simple washer replacement does not fix the drip 


#Slow Draining Sink

The problem is typically due to a block that is limiting water flow. The sink drain of the kitchen in your home might contain specific things like remnants of food and congealed fat. In the bathroom sink, the blockage is due to soap and knotted hair.  

Processes for clearing the clogged sink might include utilizing a plunger, a chemical clog remover, pouring down vinegar or baking soda, or using the plumber’s snake. If the problem is not resolved, then it will worsen with time. Eventually, it will completely block the drain.


#Running Toilet

A running toilet in your household can be expensive. You can end up losing water significantly on a daily basis. One of the most common culprits is a faulty flapper valve that is responsible for controlling the water that will pass from the tank to the bowl. It is a straightforward fix that can be achieved with the help of a toilet repair kit that is available at any hardware store.  

In less common situations, toilet runs can also be the cause of sediments that affect the filling and flushing. If your water bills appear high, you should inspect silent leaks. It can be done by putting some food coloring in your upper tank. You should observe whether or not it is making its way to the bowl without the need for flushing.  


#Faulty Water Heater

 This problem is not observed until you remain in the shower and suddenly, the water turns cold. There are several issues that could lead to the failure of water heater. The pilot light might eventually go out, and you might have to relight the same. The development of sediment in the tank could also lead to water heater problems. In some situations, your thermostat might be at fault.  

Usually speaking, you would like to ask a professional come and inspect the existing problem while fixing the water heater.  


#Reduced Water Pressure

If water continues trickling out of the tap instead of gushes, it could imply reduced water pressure. It is a common problem in older homes or the one with outdated plumbing systems. Reduced water pressure can be the result of several causes. One of the most common issues is leaking water pipes or fixtures that have corroded, worn, or broken with time.  

If there is reduced water pressure in the shower, more often it is the cause of mineral deposits or sediments blocking the normal flow of water. The aerator of showers can be soaked in vinegar to clean the same. If there is problem with the shower, then you can soak the showerhead in vinegar or simply consider its replacement. 


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