Is There Any Difference Between PVC And SWR Pipes? Find Out!


One of the greatest confusions of all times is; which pipes to use in housing and which one can be used for industrial plumbing? Choosing a pipe that can function optimally and keep up the longevity for domestic and industrial purpose can be quite challenging. This is where pvc pipe fit and SWR pipes & Fittings can be the two options to pick from. Each of the pipe’s functions help to identify which one is the best and for what purpose. Scroll below to find out. 


What Is PVC Pipe Fit?

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride pipe fittings that are durable and ideal for industrial purposes. PVC pipes can deal with several purposes.   



PVC pipes have evolved over time to be among the most durable pipe plumbing. The material of this pipe is not too quick to get cracks, can bare heavy water flow, and handle high water pressure. This is amongst the most prominent reasons why industries prefer it. Its durability makes it purposeful for agricultural purpose, irrigation, mining, domestic wells etc.   



Steel pipe is prone to rust and corrosion. But this is not the problem with PVC pipe fit. PVC pipes are impervious to chemicals and are not easily exposed to bacteria and micro organisms. This is why, the non-corrosive and non-conductive capacity makes it one of the first choices of pipes for large-scale water flow. This does not affect water in any context, be it the taste, odour or colour.    


Easy To Travel

Unlike the heavy steel casing, pipe plumbing with PVC is straightforward to handle. After all, it is lightweight making it convenient to lift, shift, and take to longer distances. In fact, PVC is the best to create plumbing layouts in industrial areas and long distances because it is easy to accommodate a large number of pipes in one truck. This eliminates the long rides to and forth because it can be transported altogether at once.   


Non-conductive To Electricity

The Polyvinyl Chloride layer is chemically protective inside out. It consists of a protective coating that prevents the vulnerable electrochemical signals to react. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why PVC pipe fits are non-conductive to electricity and do not catch fire. It can be helpful during any accidents related to fire or short circuits.   


Easy To Maintain

PVC pipe plumbing is very convenient to maintain in the long run because the inner layer does not experience any bacteria, chemicals and dirt. There are no chances of corrosion or disruption in water flow. This uninterrupted clean water supply is the reason why plumbers often recommend using PVC pipes in complex areas where it is not optional to fix pipes frequently.  


Stiff And Long-lasting

Borewell and agricultural projects rely on PVC pipe fit because these pipes can sustain in heavy pressure flow. It has high hydrostatic collapse pressure, making it much more prone to heavy and hard water pressure flow.   



All About The SWR Pipe Fittings

SWR pipes have as much value as PVC for pipe fittings. There is not much difference between pvc and SWR Pipe, because its applications make it helpful on several grounds. Here is how.   


No Chemical Zone

SWR pipe fittings are something that you can trust for years coming ahead. These pipes do not corrode over time as they are exceptionally resistant to chemicals, fire, and rust. In fact, the pipe is flat-surfaced, making itself free from any deposit of dirt, harmful chemicals, or salt. It makes it ideal for industrial and domestic usage.   


Easy Installation

There is no difference between PVC pipes and SWR pipes when it comes to ease of installation. This pipe is also lightweight, making itself open for building. Yet, the non-flimsy property of these pipes avoids any chances of crack or leakage. This is why the technicians find it very easy to install and take less time for the process.   


Follow Every Layout

These thin pipes also have convenient SWR pipe fittings and fixtures that help to assemble every type of layout. This is why it is one of the finest choices for constructing a technical layout for the home and industries. Also, the tendency to catch heavy pressure flow and uninterrupted water flow through the pipelines makes it perfect for complex areas.   



SWR pipes do not demand much labour. Its light weight and flat surface makes it handy to install and maintain. This leads to cos- cutting on pipe plumbing by labor, installation and maintenance. This is the reason why SWR is among the most economical options for plumbing.  


Safe Application

These pipes are non-conductive to electricity, not prone to fire, can be strong even in harsh weather conditions and lastly, an environmentally friendly option. These are all the reasons why SWR pipe fittings are reliable, durable, and long-lasting.   

While PVC pipe fit is one of the best piping options for industrial usage, SWR pipe fittings are no less. Every pipe features longevity, smooth surface and adherence to heavy pressure. What matters is the quality of the pipes. This is why Topline Industries is there to deliver top quality pipe plumbing with quality materials and ideal properties. Visit online to find out the varieties available in each of the pipe segments. Also, Topline Industries’ team of professionals deliver the ideal fittings right at your doorstep, for safe and smooth installation ahead. Feel free to ask more.

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Can we use PVC pipes instead of SWR pipes?

Each of the pipes share some common properties like   

  • No corrosion  
  • Lightweight  
  • Easy installation  
  • Non-conductive  

However, you can compare the weight and purpose of the pipeline to identify which one can suit the best for your purpose. For instance, SWR can be helpful for domestic purpose, while PVC pipe fit can be ideal for industrial and agricultural purposes.  


What are the Primary Applications for PVC Pipe?

The primary applications of PVC pipe fittings are:  

  • Ideal for water pipe plumbing.   
  • Help in waste management, control, and helps in avoiding any deposits.  
  • Can support rainwater management.  
  • Ideal for agricultural purposes.   
  • Ideal as fire sprinklers.  
  • Ideal for industrial purposes.   

These common applications make PVC one of the most used pipe fittings for several purposes. 

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