Topline Jal Jeewan Mission: A Sustainable Water Supplying Solution In Rural India

The Jal Jeewan Mission is primarily about raising water sources and channels for 24*7 water supply in every rural household.  

  • The primary locations include school, Angadvadi center, wellness centers, hospitals, GP buildings, etc.  
  • This policy will be applicable for every state and Union Territory where water transmission is not frequent. The target is to get functional tap for every rural area by 2024. 
  • Every area will have safe drinking water. 
  • Rural communities will be gathered to take account for full-time water supplies in their respective areas under the JJM mission. 
  • The rural community is accountable for planning, execution, implementation and maintenance of the water supply in the region.  
  • The Jal Jeewan scheme is promoting utility approach in the state/ Union Territory through ensuring long-term service delivery and financial sustainability.  
  • Programs will be conducted under the JJM scheme for promoting a water-balanced livelihood and improved life-quality. 
  • Providing financial aids for the implementation process.  


Jal Jeewan Mission: The Intent

The Jal Jeewan mission has one clear objective to make India rich in water and accessible to every corner of the world by the year 2024. 

  • The core objective is to promote Functional Tap Connection (FHTC) in every minor area of India. 
  • The Jal Jeewan yojana will prioritize the adversely affected dessert areas, drought prone areas, villages under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana, etc.  
  • There would be long-term water supply in community centers, school centers, health and wellness centers, GP centers, Angadwadi centers, etc. Every important center will be full of water supplies.  
  • The tap’s connections will be repaired and constantly monitored. 
  • The communities will be asked to participate voluntarily under the JJM scheme by ways of contribution through cash, and labor contribution (also known as Shramdaan).  
  • The areas will be assisted in getting regular and long-term supplies of water through connection of water channels, sources of water, healthy infrastructure, etc.  
  • A human resource team will be developed to take care of the construction of the infrastructure, plumbing systems, electrical, water quality control, water management, catchment protection, etc.  
  • The Jal Jeewan Mission will also promote a business idea among the stakeholders to make water supply a business. This will promote FHTC along with generating employment.  
  • Awareness programs will be raised to make water a constant in livelihood, and support a lifestyle full of safe drinking water.  


Jal Jeewan Scheme: The Performance

This is the implementation program conducted by the Union Territory under the Jal Jeewan.  

  • This mission is implemented by the Union Government in collaboration with the States government. 
  • Detailed “Operational Guidelines” have been formed by the government for planning and performing each of the tasks given under the scheme.  
  • It started with the development of tap water connections in all the rural and underdeveloped areas.  
  • The Jal Jeewan mission has also conducted a whole program to make people aware of the efforts they are supposed to give. This is termed as “Margdarshika” for the Gram Panchayats to show ways to the people for the efforts to be paid from their ends.  
  • Full support will be given to the Gram Panchayats, village water system managers, sanitations managers for ensuring a water supply chain that reaches to every household.  
  • For this, the JJM management follows a “bottom-up” approach that will help in decentralization, community-management, demand-driven water supply amongst the Gram Panchayat and Gram Samitis. 
  • The Gram Samiti will also include minimum 50% women as they are the perfect representors of weaker sections with strong will-power. 
  • Census-coded villages would be taken into account for becoming water secure.  
  • Village-action plans, District-action plans, State-action plans, etc. will be implemented as part of the program. 
  • The Public Health Engineering Department will send professional engineers for guiding the VAP workers regarding the water-supply implementation. 
  • They would assist with initiating long-term water supply chain and the capacity of the villagers with the bill payment for water supply.  
  • The VAPs will be ready with assisting 3.49 lakh villages, while 4.55 lakh villages have already been taken in account.  


 JJM Scheme: The Women World

Women are considered the Goddess Lakshmi in India. These goddesses are to play a pivotal role in the Pani Samiti, Village Action Plans, and the JJM mission as a whole.  

  • According to the scheme, 50% membership under the Pani Samiti will be allotted to the women.  
  • This will be proportionate with the weaker section of the society.  
  • It will initiate responsible leadership skills among the weaker sections as well as the women sections.  
  • This will strengthen the ground-roots of Gram Swaraj i.e. the dream of Mahatma Gandhi.  
  • Women will play a crucial role in updating the status of the water supply in the areas under JJM mission. They will be conducting water surveillance and update data under the State/ National Level portal.  


Jal Jeewan: The Children World

The continuous efforts under the Jal Jeewan scheme has helped in developing constant water supplies in around in 8.37 lakh (81.40%) schools and 8.54 lakh (76.51%) Angadwadi centers so far.  

  • There is piped water supplies in many schools and Angadwadi centers. 
  • Children have access to water for drinking, use in toilets, cooking, etc. 


Jal Hi Jeewan Hai: The Topline Initiative

Topline Industries is the one-stop shop for all the piping solutions. Be it for home, commercial spaces, Industrial spaces, agricultural places, etc. there are pipes and fixtures for each of the spaces. These plumbing systems are a great help under the Jal Jeewan Mission.  

  • Topline Industries is providing top-line pipes and fixtures for promoting long-term, durable, and smooth water supply with least plumbing problems.  
  • There is a plethora of pipelines including small diameter pipelines, medium-diameter pipelines, plastic pipelines, PVC pipelines, CPVC pipelines, etc.  
  • The team has opened gates to plethora of pipelines. The water supplying agencies can choose from the options of pipelines that are the most accurate according to the village area, drought prone area, etc. 

This contribution from Topline Industries is a step towards water enrichment in every backward area. This will ensure least plumbing problems and support the idea of water sustainability, as targeted by the Jal Jeewan Mission across India.


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