Multiple Plumbing Problems- One Solution: CPVC Pipes

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CPVC Pipes: The Basics

To understand everything about CPVC, we must first see how it evolved. CPVC is an advanced version of PVC pipes. PVC is the initial term for Polyvinyl Chloride, a versatile thermoplastic commonly used for commercial fitting. CPVC pipes include an added layer of chlorinate for manipulating the chemical preposition. This is the reason why it is also short for Chlorinated Polyvinyl chloride. The added layer and change in chemical composition enhance the life span of the pipeline, making it durable and reliable for commercial, residential, industrial, and even fire-sprinkler purposes.   

CPVC can reach up to a maximum temperature of 200°C, making it a fighter from heat and an appropriate choice for every space.   


CPVC Pipe Connector: An Add-on To The Basics

The plumbing systems demands pipes that can be easily shaped and molded according to the pipeline’s structure. This is easily possible with the CPVC pipe connectors that help to connect the pipes without any chances of leakage. These are available in many sizes and shapes, so pick the one according to the pipe layout and plan. These fixtures ensure leakage-free protection and optimum water flow.  


CPVC Pipes Advantages

If you are looking for a reliable and durable fixture for your everyday plumbing fittings problems, then CPVC is the perfect solution to it. Here is why.  

1. Sturdiness:   

CPVC pipes are non-breakable, robust, and can catch every water flow. The pipes can survive even the heaviest water flows, making them ideal for commercial purposes.   


 2. Longevity:   

The chlorinated PVC pipeline assures long-lastingness because of the rigid chemical composition.   


3. Temperature Control:   

These pipes can meet a temperature of 200°C, making them one of the best CPVC uses for heated areas, and warm water flow.  


4. Manageable:   

These pipes are incredibly manageable because of their light weight, flexible CPVC pipes connectors, and ease of installation.   


 5. Resistant To Chemical:   

The chemical composition of this PVC pipeline makes it resistant to any other chemical reaction formed due to different water types and conditions.   


 6. Fire Protective:   

This pipeline accommodates self-extinguishing tendencies. This avoids fire and helps to fight the same with consistent water flow even when it is burning outside.   


CPVC Pipe Applications: For Residential And Commercial Purposes

There are several CPVC uses that make it the first choice for plumbing solutions. Here are some of the places where these can be directly applied.   

1. Residential Lines:   

These pipes can be easily fixed in residential areas, involving both internal and external places. The rigidness of the material makes it ideal for being dug under the walls and exposed on the terrace lines. Moreover, its long-lastingness is the cherry on top of the cake.   


2. Commercial Places:   

Every commercial space demand plumbing fixtures that can go through every situation, including waste disposal, dirty water flow, acidic water flow, and other types of heavy drainage. This is where CPVC pipes can be extremely favorable for their capacity for smooth water supply.   


3. Industrial Areas:   

The CPVC pipe connectors can link the pipes in any direction, helping to form a functional plumbing layout for Industrial areas. Moreover, the chemically coated pipes can fight every other chemical reaction and fire hazard, ensuring optimum supply in the industries.


 4. Hospitals and Hospitality Areas:  

Hospitals and hotels demand interrupted water supply, and hot and cold water flow throughout the heavy buildings. CPVC and PVC pipe coupling can be highly effective in this by providing a continuous and 24*7 water supply.   


Mistakes To Avoid In Plumbing Fittings

If you do not want to call plumbers frequently for water bursts, you must go directly to professional help. So, here are some of the must-consider tips while getting CPVC pipes fittings in your home or working space.  

1. Using The Wrong Tool  

Do not use blunt or corroded tools for cutting the CPVC; it may not lead to deep and neat cuts.   

Do: Use the prescribed cutting tools like a ratchet-cutter, a power saw, a sharp saw, etc. This will lead to quick and smooth partitions.   


2. Burring The CPVC

Burring of CPVC pipe connectors and leaving behind the residues of fixtures can harm the connection between the two pipes.   

Do: File the edges of the pipe to remove the extra mess. Also, you can give a slight bevel at the edge of the pipes so that two pipes can be inserted easily into one another. This will eliminate the chances of solvent removal from the edge of the pipes.   


3. Not Considering The Joint Strength  

The joint strength is often hampered when there is much moisture intake and no removal of soil components from the pipelines.   

Do: Ensure optimum cleaning and air removal of the pipe. Check if the plumbing fittings go easily into one another. If the pipelines do not insert cleanly, then it is seeking help. So, either try to fix the existing one or get new pipeline joints.   


4. Not Using Proper Applicator  

Applicators are helpful in preparing the bonding area for putting in cement. A wrong applicator may not lead to proper insertion and joints of CPVC pipes.   

Do: Use application tools like a paintbrush, swab, dauber, etc. It helps in a neat application and supports ease among the CPVC pipe connectors.   


5. Not Assembling Properly  

Dragging the pipes together for assembly may lead to temporary fixing. For this, it is essential to apply the cement and attach the pipes properly.  


  • Wrap the PVC pipe coupling, connectors, pipes, etc., in cement. 
  • Insert the other pipe immediately and twist it to tighten it. 
  • Keep the pipes aligned and insert them to create the proper bond. 
  • It is all a matter of timing and connection between the pipelines.  


Final Thoughts!

CPVC pipes can be the ideal choice for every season, every area, and every condition. You only have to pick the authentic pipe supplier who can guarantee on quality, quantity, and price. Topline Industries provides optimally useful resources of good quality and the best price. Get qualified fixtures delivered in no time to your doorstep. Also, get professional plumbing fittings for long-term durability. Topline Industry’s professional approach can help you to fix all sorts of pipeline problems in one go. 

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