A Buyer’s Guide to Water Storage Containers

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Safe drinking water is a basic necessity. At the same time, continuous water supply is needed to fulfill day-to-day activities like washing, cooking, bathing, and so more. Municipality authorities are known to not supply adequate amount of water on a daily basis. Therefore, most homeowners prefer having a dedicates water storage tank for their houses to ensure regular water supply at all times.  


A water storage tank is responsible for collecting and storing water for access and later use. Overhead water tanks and residential water tanks have become quite crucial for both urban and rural settlements. It is because these storage tanks make it possible for homeowners to access water 24/7.  


In the modern era, different types of storage tanks are available, including column pipes, SWR pipes, UPVC pipes, and so more. Topline Industries offers access to the best range of top-quality water storage containers for multiple purposes. When you wish to install a water storage container in your home, it is recommended to choose the right one to ensure proper applications on a daily basis.  



Top Must-haves for Water Storage Containers


If it is worth collecting rainwater, it is worth investing in a good quality of water storage container at the same time. Whether you use rainwater for drinking or day-to-day basic needs like toilets, you are expected to keep water clean as well as ready when you need the same. In this way, we bring to you the best ways to keep water safe and accessible throughout with the help of water storage containers.  

In India, you can come across water storage tanks or containers made out of different materials -including plastic, fiberglass, metal, concrete, and other materials. In the modern era, leading options like insulated water tanks, blow mold water tanks, and Roto water tanks are increasingly becoming popular due to the wide range of applications and features offered.  

When you are searching for the best water storage containers for your homes, here are some important factors to consider: 




As far as water storage is concerned, the first aspect to consider while buying a storage tank is the overall capacity of the container. The capacity consideration will entirely depend on the total number of residents who use water daily for basic needs like cooking, washing, drinking, cleaning, and so more.  

In India, a typical family featuring 4 people will approximately require access to around 650 liters on a daily basis. At the same time, larger apartments as well as housing complexes -accommodating thousands of people in the premises, can select multiple large-sized water tanks. 

You can look forward to buying either a small, a medium, or a large-sized water tank for your household from Topline Industries -one of the leading water container suppliers in India. 




The overall durability of the water tank you choose is another important consideration. The water tank you choose should be capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions like extreme sunlight, humidity, hailstorm, extreme rainfall, and so more. In addition to this, the tank should be sturdy and strong enough to bear with constant temperature changes, attacks from animals, and other aspects. 

To ensure the best-ever durability, you can opt for premium-grade water storage tanks from Topline industries made out of world-class quality and anti-microbial properties to enrich the quality of water within. Most of the pioneering water storage containers by Topline Industries are UV-stable, maintenance-free, and highly durable.  




Water storage containers for homes are available in a myriad of shapes. Ideally, your choice should be based on the existing amount of space wherein the tank is expected to be placed. For groundwater storage reasons, vertical storage tanks are the best solutions. On the other hand, for underground water storage, horizontal water containers are recommended. 

For household applications, a vertical storage tank is well-suited for multiple reasons. It is because square and rectangular tanks are capable of fitting anywhere in the corners. It is advised to make the best use of the available space. For large-sized areas, you can think of installing cylindrical tanks. 

The circular shape of the containers or tanks for water storage helps in ensuring uniform stress distribution of water along the tank’s wall. The water pressure gets dissipated evenly on the tank’s inner walls. Therefore, water will depict a longer shelf life. The circular shape of the water tanks will also offer protection on the external surface -typically against windy weather. 




It is always recommended to make use of top-grade LLDPE or Low-linear Density Polyethylene and food-grade materials. These are durable and safe to use. The lid of the water tank is another crucial element to consider. It helps in preventing common pollutants and dust from entering the tank and contaminating stored water. 

Plastic or poly tanks are made out of food-safe, UV-treated, and anti-microbial material. Based on the quality of materials used for the storage containers, you can expect them to last for around 10-20 years before the material will become unstable. Most of the water storage tanks for homes are available with a number of layers. The presence of multiple layers offer protection to the tanks from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The additional layers feature the food-grade layers and black middle layer that ensure that water becomes safe for drinking purposes. Therefore, you can opt for triple-layer water tanks from Topline Industries.  



As far as the water storage system is concerned, color has an important role to play in preventing the formation of algae. It is because plastic water tanks that are light-colored will allow the entry of sunlight within the tank’s interiors. This will promote the growth of algae. This is why Topline Industries features a series of dark-colored, anti-microbial tanks to prevent the entry of sunlight. 





Based on your preferences and requirements, you can choose the best water storage containers from Topline Industries. Here, you can get access to world-class Roto water tanks, blow mould water tanks, and insulated water tanks for optimum use. 



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