The Evolution Of Water Storage Tanks So Far That You Need To Know


Today we are at a stage where one of the central elements needed for construction is a water tank. It is impossible to think about any space without water storage containers. After all, this prevents contamination, development of algae, and drinking water tanks have become a must. Ever wondered about an era without water tanks? Well, it was a time until the Indus valley civilization grew into a world with optimum water storage facilities and missions.  


The Indus Valley Civilization focused on the evolution of wooden, stone and ceramic water tanks that helped prevent all the negative impacts on water like bacteria, contamination etc. Water was largely stored and used optimally, eliminating water scarcity problems to an extent. In fact, the oldest water storage tank is the “The Great Bath” recovered from the archaeological site of Mohen-Jo Daro. This largest water tank served multiple purposes of food prepping, sanitation, drinking water tank purpose, fire extinguishing and several other local and domestic purposes.   


After this, domestic water tanks became a prominent accessory for managing homes as well as towns. The commonly used material for creation were wood, stone and cisterns. Cisterns are the most commonly used water tanks that are either in-built or built above. The structure of these cisterns are designed accordingly, either to serve a house or to serve an entire locality.   

From then till today, drinking water storage containers, water tanks for industrial purposes, and tanks for domestic purposes have grown a lot over time. Now, it is easy to find in numerous categories. Here are some of these.  10 Tips To Take The Best Water storage Tanks Home 



Types Of Water Storage Containers Evolved Over Time


Underground Water Tank

From the era of underground cistern water tanks to this day, it is one of the commonly known water tanks. These are used as drinking water storage containers and for harvesting purposes. The capacity of these tanks can reach up to 5000 litres and is considered as a secret water storage for being underground.  


Overhead Water Tank

As the name says, these water storage tanks are placed overhead of the buildings. Either it is placed on the rooftop or at the highest elevation of the building to improve water pressure. These tanks are specifically structured with advanced technology for fighting back every weather condition. These tanks are generally UV protectant and can keep water cool to an extent.   


Loft Water Tank

This can be an ideal domestic water tank as it is light weight and considers the regular square structure. Tanks like these are very convenient to transport and can accumulate a voluminous amount of water.   


Roto Water Tanks

Roto water storage containers is another advanced formula involving roto moulding of the water tank. This technology is ideal for ensuring clean water supply throughout the pipelines. It is used for both domestic as well as industrial purposes.  


Insulated Water Tank

Many of the drinking water tanks for home include insulated water tanks. These tanks have anti-microbial layers, UV protectant sheet, making it prone to every weather condition.   


Blow Mould Water Tank

No other water tank can be styled like Blow Mould water tanks. This tank is made up of thin hollow plastic sheets featuring numerous design possibilities. Moreover, these hollow layers also play a pivotal role in maintaining the strength of the water tank.  


Layer Water Tank

The trendiest plastic domestic water tanks come with multiple layers based on the characteristics of each. These tanks can be double layer, triple layer, and reach as many as 6 layers. Every layer features a foam sheet, insulation sheet, UV protectant sheet, anti-microbial sheet and more. This improves the water quality and even acts as safe drinking water storage container.   



How To Choose The Ideal Water Storage Containers For Your Purpose?



The first and foremost feature to finding out the water tank for your purpose is the capacity of the water tank. The capacity can be as much as 200 litres, 500 litres, 5,000 litres, 10,000 litres etc. Choose the water tank that fits the best in the purpose.   



Talking about the purpose, it can be a domestic water tank, industrial water tank, for commercial purpose, agriculture etc. Visit online to find the tank type that perfectly matches the purpose.   



Drinking water storage containers and other water tanks come with multiple structures and qualities. One of the ideal tanks for this purpose is Blow water tank that can easily adapt to most shapes. The structure can vary from round to square shape based on the type of water tank and its placement.   


Layer protection

Each layer plays a vital role in justifying the purpose of the tank. Just like a double layer tank can be used as loft water tanks, triple layer for agricultural purpose, four layer as drinking water tank for home etc.   


Brand Quality

The water tank is one of the major investments in commercial and domestic properties because it defines water flow throughout the building. This is why choosing a water tank from a reliable background is imperative. A branded water storage container place like Topline Industries focuses crucially on the quality of the tank, purpose, and added facilities.   

An ideal drinking water tank that keeps one safe ensures proper water flow, stays safe from bacteria and supports top-quality content for a very long time. Topline Industries promises you on superior water tank storage for fetching all your purposes at once. If this blog was helpful for you, then you can stay in touch for more water tank-related details. Stay connected for more!

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Q1 Which Water Tank Is Best For Domestic Use?

Four layer overhead water tanks with features like insulation, UV protection, anti-microbial layer, etc., can be the best choice of domestic water tanks for homes and complexes. These tanks should be above the capacity of 500 litres for optimum water supply throughout the pipelines.


Q2 What Were The Modern Ways Of Storing Water?

Cistern water tanks and water storage container tanks are among the most useful choices for storing water for a long time. However, the water tanks should be of top-notch quality to avoid the development of bacterial layers and adverse weather conditions. 

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